10 Best Supernatural Romance Shows, Ranked

Dark creatures like vampires, werewolves and witches were things of horror in the past. movies like Dusk helped popularize the supernatural romance genre, even though it’s been a genre that’s been in books, movies, and shows for years.

For example, shows like Charm and the movie The jobboth helped to popularize witches and make them elegant and magical people rooted in humanity, unlike the evil green witch who The Wizard of Oz depicts. While the romance of these often considered violent and monstrous creatures was controversial, it’s apparent that many Ranker fans prefer the bright, romantic vampires to the vicious Dracula.


ten true blood

True Blood Cast Promotional Image

true blood follows Sookie Stackhouse, a young woman working as a waitress when she falls in love with the vampire Bill Compton. As her romance with a vampire begins, she becomes involved with other dangerous vampires and finds her and her friends’ lives in danger.

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true blood came out at the right time Dusk just gained popularity and there was a lot of vampire hype. Whereas Dusk aimed at young adults, true blood took the vampire craze into the adult crowd by being an R-Rated series with graphic scenes. Many fans are now excited about the true blood reboot, which goes to show just how beloved this series was.

9 Supernatural

Sam and Dean Winchester standing in front of their car

Supernatural follows brothers Dean and Sam Winchester as they go on an adventure to hunt down supernatural creatures and help those in need. During their journey, they hope to find out the truth about what happened to their mother and what monster caused her death.

Whereas Supernatural doesn’t explicitly focus on romance, there’s a lot of romance on this show that fans loved. It’s also a great creature show, with a new monster every week. For those who love all kinds of supernatural entities, Supernatural would be the best series to watch due to its range of monsters with unique personalities.

8 buffy the vampire slayer

Buffy standing with Angel

buffy the vampire slayer follows a teenage vampire slayer as she battles vicious vampires with world-threatening goals and other magical creatures along the way. Buffy and her group of friends work together to defeat the various monsters, but things get complicated when Buffy falls in love with the vampire Angel.

buffy the vampire slayer was based on a movie of the same name, but the TV spin-off was better than the movie and gained popularity. Buffy is a remarkable show because it featured vampire romances long before Dusk and The Vampire Diaries, and no doubt had some influence on this work. Unlike Bella Swan and Elena Gilbert, Buffy is able to hold her own and doesn’t need her vampire boyfriend to protect her.

seven The beauty and the Beast

Cat and Vincent side by side in formal wear with shocked expressions

The beauty and the Beast follows Officer Cat Chandler as she investigates a case that leads her to discover that a doctor presumed dead in Afghanistan is, in fact, alive and living in hiding in solitude, due to his unique ability to transform into a beast when he is enraged. As the two grow closer, a relationship is formed.

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Without surprise, The beauty and the Beast was inspired by the Disney movie of the same name. It has a lot of tropes that supernatural romance fans love, which is probably why Ranker fans consider it one of the best. While the story of Beauty and the Beast is often retold, this version of the tale modernizes the story and brings unique twists that make it different from all the other adaptations.

6 Foreign

Claire and Jamie in front of a river

Foreign follows Claire Randall, a nurse during World War II who is suddenly transported back in time to 1743. Claire must then learn to adapt to a different time, while romantically engaging with a Highland warrior, which leads to complications due to her being in a committed relationship already.

Whereas Foreign isn’t your typical supernatural show, Ranker fans still couldn’t resist including it on their list. This series does not focus on monsters or powerful creatures like other supernatural series, but it does contain fantasy elements, such as time travel. Despite Outlander differences, it’s one of the best romantic fantasy shows overall, with a love triangle that keeps fans invested.

5 Teen Wolf

Stiles and Scott standing side by side

Teen Wolf follows high school student Scott as he gets bitten by a werewolf while hanging out with his best friend in the woods. After transforming into a wolf, he learns of the werewolf pack in his town. He also ends up falling in love with Allison, the daughter of a werewolf hunter.

Teen Wolf is one of the best teenage supernatural TV shows, many fans loved the series for its interesting cast and the relationships they developed. Teen Wolf was such a hit that MTV is even making a follow-up movie for the series that will let fans step back into the lives of their favorite characters.

4 Shadow Hunters

Clary and Jace standing outside, both looking up.

Shadow Hunters follows Clary, a teenage girl who discovers she comes from a long line of hybrid angels called Shadowhunters, who are also demon hunters. Clary then becomes involved with a group of Shadowhunters in hopes of finding her missing mother.

There were many good relations in the Shadow Hunters series that fans have loved, and what makes this series so special is not just the romantic relationships but the friendships. Shadow Hunters follows a close-knit group that offers viewers a variety of ships to search for. Many fans like Shadow Hunters because it is an emotional story adapted, but slightly different from the Mortal Instruments series of books.

3 The originals

Hayley, Klaus and Elijah standing next to each other in a dimly lit room

The originals is a vampire diary spin-off series that follows the first ever vampire family as they settle in New Orleans. Klaus Mikaelson, one of the originals, is part vampire, part witch, part werewolf and discovers that he was able to impregnate a girl due to his werewolf genes.

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The originals has many different romances that the series focuses on, which keeps romance lovers entertained. Apart from the romantic aspect, many vampire diary fans love this show and claim it’s even better because it’s more mature. Contrary to vampire diarythis show follows adult characters rather than teenagers, and there’s a lot more violence.

2 The Vampire Diaries

Elena dances intimately with Damon, almost kissing.

The Vampire Diaries follows Elena Gilbert, a teenager who meets and falls in love with the vampire Stefan Salvatore. As their relationship develops, she learns that he and his brother are both interested in her because she looks exactly like their ex-girlfriend Katherine, who was a vampire in the 1800s.

Even though the show was based on a book series, there’s a lot The Vampire Diaries did better than the books it was based on. The Vampire Diaries particularly held fans back with its captivating love triangle between Elena and the two brothers, and the unique villains it brought in each season.

1 A discovery of witches

Matthew and Diana standing together in the library

A discovery of witches follows Diana Bishop, a young scholar and witch who has neglected her powers. While studying at the Bodleian Library, she discovers a magical manuscript to which only she has access. Thus, vampires, witches and demons from everywhere begin to follow her in the hope of gaining access to the manuscript.

A discovery of witches is different from many other supernatural romance shows, as the two main participants in the romance are supernatural entities. It’s also a forbidden love story, as Diana falls in love with a vampire, whom witches are known to despise. These details, including time travel and the meaning of the manuscript, make A discovery of witches an intriguing series.

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