10 Great Romance Movies Where An Older Woman Dates A Younger Man, According To Reddit

Love can look like many things, whether it’s a friendship, a family bond, or even a relationship that deviates from the usual conventions that are considered “acceptable” love. When looking for films that feature a romance where there is a large age gap between the two protagonists, viewers may come across a set of films that seek to sexualize and fetishize the age difference.

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Domslayer992 was just one fan who was fed up with the portrayal of age gaps in romance movies. Therefore, they turned to Reddit users to recommend movies that showcase this in a better light. These films create beautiful on-screen depictions of love between an older woman and a younger man.


Movie Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool (2017)

The heartbreaking but wholesome story of Peter Turner and Hollywood movie star Gloria Grahame is a must see. Movie stars don’t die in Liverpool stages the story of their love affair through memories due to the return of her breast cancer. The romantic drama uses visual storytelling to create a beautiful on-screen portrayal of a true romance that took until death do us part seriously.

Movie stars don’t die in Liverpool may be tragically sad but is labeled by many fans, including throwaway23er56uz, as “a great movie, based on, or perhaps only inspired by, the real life of Gloria Grahame”. It showcased the highs and lows of the romance and paid very little attention to the obvious age gap between the couple. That’s what made it such a heartwarming watch, with the couple’s families even supporting their infectious love for each other.

White Palace (1990)

Nora and Max share an intimate moment

First of all, white palace it looks like it will be another stereotypical sleazy addition to the age-gap romance film. However, before having the chance to enter this world, the film surprises its viewers and creates an endearing love story. white palace sees an explosion of chemistry when Max first meets Nora, which soon leads to the pair falling completely in love with each other.

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According to TheBigSalad84, the film is “a good movie that few people have seen”. white palace creates a conversation that moves away from the stereotype that makes older characters gender neutral, while avoiding the seedy older woman/younger man complex.

The Graduate (1967)

The iconic graduate scene.

The graduation contains one of the most complicated love triangles in history, which makes the film so fascinating. The relationship between Ms. Robinson and Ben is kind of a power dynamic where she holds all the power. Unfortunately, this plays into the stereotypes of a relationship with a large age gap. While the film adheres to these tropes, it also provides insight into the impact of age gaps.

Domslayer992 found the film to be a “great examination of age gap relationships and how being at different stages of life can affect relationship dynamics” by highlighting conflicting lives. of Ben and Mrs. Robinson. The film offers interesting dialogue about couples working dynamic and contrasting lifestyles.

The Reader (2008)

The reader is a heartbreaking story of love and betrayal that has fans hooked on its portrayal of the love between Hanna and Michael. This impacts the audience when Hanna ends up betraying Michael due to the investment in their story.

The romance between the two has seen them act as role models for each other, with Hanna embracing life for what it is and Michael becoming more mature throughout their relationship. Reddit user Inquirerman was as in love with Kate Winslet as Hanna expressing how The reader is a “wonderful movie. Kate Winslet is mmmmmmm”. The movie may not have the happy ending fans are looking for!

Man of Steel (2013)

Henry Cavill Amy Adams in Man of Steel

The DCEU has changed in many ways since the release of Steel man with the film proving to be a hit with fans, but many viewers failed to recognize the hidden age gap between Lois Lane and Superman. As in all superhero movies, the hero protects the girl and their romance is unconditional. She endures so many challenges and setbacks but emphasizes that love always wins.

The relationship wasn’t so much about screen age, though some fans took issue with the fact that Lois Lane was supposed to be in her thirties. Clark, meanwhile, is just beginning his Superman career. Reddit user what_about_smee shared that he “doubts it’s meant to be noticeable.” The age gap adds another element of romance that acts as a welcome representation of love with an age gap.

Don Jon (2013)

Don Jon is a surprising film that, at first glance, looks like a crummy romantic comedy. However, it’s much more than that, most notably in its portrayal of Esther and Don Jon. Esther and Don Jon represented one of the most open and honest portrayals of understanding each other while having a great sexual connection.

Their relationship featured a wholesome portrayal of love through non-judgment, with each of the characters growing throughout their relationship. 22grande22 shared that “Don Jon is awesome,” especially in his portrayal of an older woman and a younger man.

The Age of Adaline (2015)

Adaline and Ellis meet in the elevator

Adaline’s age is a fantastic romance film that touched the hearts of viewers. It was Adaline’s relationship with Ellis that captured the hearts of fans. The couple may have been the same age, but Adaline was over 100 when she fell hopelessly in love with Ellis. Unfortunately, her father was an old love of hers.

The love between the couple was stunning with something viewers would see in a Hollywood movie. Her love for Ellis is so strong that she broke her dating rule, making her a heartwarming watch. Olivebranch99 shared that the film “doesn’t get enough recognition,” especially for its romance which depicts an uplifting portrayal of love with an extremely large age gap.

I Could Never Be Your Wife (2007)

Rosie and Adam hug in I Could Never Be Your Wife

I could never be your wife can be a hilarious romantic comedy, but it also delves into the exact stereotypes that haunt older women entering into a relationship with a younger man. Adam is a person who doesn’t care what other people think of him, which leads to a healthy relationship between the two. This forces Rosie to think about their relationship differently.

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The film removes the constraints that age places on love and turns it into a wholesome, heartwarming, and hilarious watch. Many say that Michelle Pfeiffer and Paul Rudd make the perfect on-screen pair. The film proved to be a hit with many like mitchkramer voicing that “with a cast of Paul Rudd, Michelle Pfieffer, Saoirse Ronan […] how bad could that be?” while changing the way age gaps are portrayed in the world of romantic comedies.

The Proposal (2009)

Andrew Paxton is one of Ryan Reynold’s best roles to date with the film using fake dating to come out with some seriously hilarious scenes, but it’s the chemistry between the two that has left fans utterly captivated. While the film never made much of the age gap between them, fans like MarcDuan remarked that “he was her PA so clearly it implied her character”. [was] at least 10 years his senior.

The relationship between the two symbolized very subtly that Margaret was much more organized than Andrew. But in the end, the sheet of iron that sought to protect her from love melted away. The couple’s on-screen chemistry was reflected in their healthy relationship that developed between them.

Harold and Maud (1971)

Harold and Maud

Harold and Maud are a perfect example of a great romance between an older woman and a younger man from the moment the couple meet. Through acts of service and personal affection, the couple develop total love for each other despite the huge age gap. The couple grab viewers’ attention and highlight what a healthy relationship looks like.

Maude helped Harold get away from his somewhat boring life while Harold helped Maude rediscover her youth. Ultimately, the film ends in tragedy, but the couple’s time together gave viewers a new perspective on age-gap relationships. Fans like Uranus_Hz say “everyone should see this movie”!

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