10 Historical Figures Who Should Have Their Own Video Games

One of Ubisoft’s upcoming games in 2022 is called Skull and bonesa historical pirate game that was originally intended to serve as Assassin’s Creed Black Flag spin-off but ended up becoming its own unique pirate game set in the Indian Ocean.

Assassin’s Creed video games have grown in popularity by using the past and blurring fiction into their stories, often using myths and legends from that era. Many gamers love a good historical game, even if it stretches the truth. While these games can be informative, they also help players get interested in a particular period or historical figure and study them more to get more people to love the story.


ten Robert Maynard

Blackbeard and Maynard clashed shortly before the pirate's death.

Robert Maynard isn’t an incredibly well-known historical figure, and his one notable feat in history is actually quite impressive. He is the man known to have shot Blackbeard. He brilliantly tricked the pirate captain into an ambush and subdued him.

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While not much is known about Maynard, this actually gives him the edge as the protagonist of a video game. While the games usually focus on playing as pirates during the golden age of piracy, it would be an interesting twist of events to play as a navy lieutenant who actually fights pirates at the square. He also doesn’t gain extraordinary fame or wealth for capturing Blackbeard, allowing him to be a character with a likable backstory.

9 Jeanne D’Arc

Artwork of Joan of Arc shortly before she was burned alive.

Joan of Arc is a well-known heroine of France. Her acts of bravery and strength will always hail her as a memorable figure, but also hated as much as revered and ultimately put to death.

A video game of Joan would not only be great for her fights, but also for the use of the divine voices she heard. The voices could be a guiding force in the game helping him find an objective or learn how to overcome a certain obstacle. This would be a great way to blur the fantasy in the game, as the voice she heard could be extended to a much bigger part of the story.

8 Hairy Nachiyar

Rani Velu Nachiyar art, Queen of India.

Velu was a warrior queen of India from a domain called Sivaganga who fought against the British East India Company and even defeated them. She is known to be fluent in several languages ​​and different forms of martial arts. She may also be the first person to ever design a human bombfoaming one of his minions in oil and causing them to explode upon encountering the enemy.

Velu’s story is one of tactics and combat. Most video games involve male protagonists, and few historical video games, in general, have a female lead. Velu would help provide video games with an incredible variety of combat, from melee to different weapons, and also provide fans with historically accurate gameplay.

seven Alexander The Great

A mosaic of Alexander the Great.

Alexander the Great is best known for his seemingly endless conquests which continued until his death. There are still many unknowns about the man, but he made his mark on the world.

A game involving Alexander the Great should include a lot of conquest and tactics. There are many games where characters complete multiple quests and end up fighting in a grand battle that secures a specific region or country under the control of their affiliation. This is the type of game mechanic an Alexander game would provide with plenty of scope for the rest of the gameplay.

6 Arminius

Statue of Arminius in Germany.

Arminius isn’t too different from many fictional characters. Those who are taken from their homes by the oppressors but rise through the ranks and become like families to those who robbed them. They are then left with the struggle – to choose their original family or their new one.

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Arminius of course chose his original in what is now called Germany. He fought the Romans, betraying them and overthrowing the army therein. There’s a TV show on Netflix called Barbarians which captures this battle and this character well and helps show how well it would work as a video game.

5 William Wallace

Painting by William Wallace.

William Wallace may be best known today thanks to Mel Gibson Brave heart which on its own had some influence on the game, though it’s far from a historically inaccurate film. Wallace was a hero of Scotland and a martyr after being brutally executed by the English.

William failed to bring about Scottish independence, but he still won a victorious battle against the English and probably would have won more had it not been for a traitor named John de Menteith who handed it over to the English. Although it didn’t have many battles, there are enough to make for a pretty epic video game. And while Wallace falls, there are others who continue the battle.

4 Ching Shih

Art of Ching Shih locked in combat.

While most pirates are best known for their activity around the Caribbean islands, Ching Shih was an infamous pirate in the South China Sea. She lived in the middle of the Qing dynasty after the golden age of piracy. They said she had 1,800 pirate ships and 80,000 men who is far more numerous than any pirate in the Caribbean would have had and she is widely regarded as the most successful pirate of all time, although her male counterparts are better known.

Ching Shih’s story is not romantic like Anne Bonny and she uses her marriage to gain greater power over the seas. His story would translate perfectly into a video game, giving fans a new perspective on pirates from China and another part of the world. The battles in the gameplay would be large scale and involve deploying ships and pirate fleets to different locations on a map.

3 Tlahuicole

Statue of Tlahuicole in Mexico.

Tlahuicole was a Tlaxcaltec warrior well known for his honor and disdain for the Aztec Empire. While his physical prowess was unmatched, he was eventually defeated by the Aztecs and served under them as Moctezuma II did not want to waste such strength. At the end, Tlahuicole finally got his desired death by fighting multiple Aztec warriors at once.

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Tlahuicole is one of the most notable warriors to set foot in what is now known as Mexico. Her character could give a unique perspective that allows her to see the Aztecs as a distinct force, as well as the Spanish conquistadors. Although Tlahuicole did not fight the Spanish conquest against the Aztecs (as he died a year before the war started), he could still have many conflicts and skirmishes against them.

2 Vlad the Impaler

Portrait of Vlad the Impaler, the inspiration of Count Dracula.

Vlad the Impaler is best known by the character he inspired, Count Dracula. While Dracula has been done and remade over and over again, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to revisit this Romanian hero for a video game. Although it depends on who is telling his story, he is also considered a villain.

A video game following Vlad would certainly be dark, but it would also be a gripping and heartbreaking story. While Vlad alone has enough prowess to work as a video game character as he is, a game could also start to blend in with the vampire mythos surrounding the character and give the game a successful origin story. character. It would also be an opportunity to revisit the underrated vampire movie, Unspeakable Draculaand redeem a story that had potential.

1 Miyamoto Musashi

Young Miyamoto Musashi breaking a sword in the Vagabond manga.

Miyamoto Musashi is considered one of the the greatest, if not the greatest, samurai of all time. He was also a famous philosopher and writer for his writings The Book of Five Rings, often still used today like The art of War. It is said that he fought and won more than 50 duels without ever losing a single time.

Musashi’s story is a bit exaggerated in the novel Musashiwhich has a popular manga adaptation called Vagabond but it still contains many historical truths. Musashi may very well be the perfect character that deserves a video game with the way he overcomes so many different kinds of trials with his blade and his wits. The large amount of duels he faces would be a big challenge for players, especially dueling against 50 samurai at once.

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