10 of the best historical romance manga of 2022

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Every time I start deciding which romance book to read next, I find myself faced with such a wide variety of choices. Many romance books are historical fiction, so it’s easy to find your favorite tropes there. The same goes for the fantastic, the contemporary or even the dystopian. But when it comes to romance manga, I feel like there are a lot more contemporary than historical. So, to allow for even more historical romance content, I’m including webtoons.

Now, in the manga world, I feel like we find more historical romantic content in fantasy manga, but there are still plenty of options to choose from. From falling in love with a duke to getting revenge on the villain by bonding with his father to going back in time, to falling in love with someone who doesn’t exist yet. Or, how about a princess and a bodyguard on the run from their childhood friend who wants them dead? The thing is, the stories are many, and in this list you’ll find some of the best historical romance manga around and definitely something perfect for you.

So if you’re looking for a weekly serotonin boost, romance manga and webtoons in general are beautiful worlds to immerse yourself in.

historical romance manga

Yona of Dawn by Mizuho Kusanagi

Princess Yona lived a very good life before everything fell apart one night. After witnessing a gruesome murder, she flees with her childhood friend who also happens to be her bodyguard, Hak. She soon discovers that Kouka, her kingdom, is not the place she thought, so a new plan comes to mind! The only thing she wants is to make Kouka what it once was and save her kingdom from the new king. With only a mysterious legend as a guide, Yona will do her best to achieve not just that, but more.

Snow White with Red Hair by Sorata Akiduki

Shirayuki is best known for her very shiny red hair. But she didn’t expect her hair to attract unwanted attention from the Prince of Tanbarun. On the run, she meets an ally, Zen Wistalia, who also happens to be the prince of the neighboring country. It’s the beginning of a new adventure for her when she suddenly becomes the royal apothecary of her country!

Inuyasha by Rumiko Takahashi

Definitely a classic, Inuyasha has been with us for many generations and will continue to build more fans with each new year.

This story is about Kagome, a normal high school girl, who one day crosses an old dry well and ends up being transported to an unknown world where she now has to fight demons and evil beings. Of course, not alone! She has the help of the half-demon Inuyasha who is rather infuriating but is determined to protect her.

Goodbye my My Rose Garden historical romance manga cover

Goodbye My Rose Garden by Dr Pepperco

At the beginning of the 20th century, a young woman goes to England to become a novelist. But things don’t go as planned, so she takes the job of servant for a noblewoman named Alice. Things change completely when Alice has an unusual request: that Hanako kill her! While trying to figure out why she would ask this, the two grow closer and their relationship soon grows closer.

The Count and the Fairy by Ayuko and Tani Mizue

If you want more fantasy in your historical romance manga, but with a contemporary twist, The Count and the Fairy is surely what you are looking for.

Lydia is a doctor fairy and she is one of the few people who can see these magical beings. During a trip to London, she is suddenly kidnapped but soon rescued by a mysterious young man who desperately needs her help to find and claim his birthright.

From afar by Kyoko Hikawa

Imagine stepping back in time when you’re just an ordinary high school student! This happens to Noriko, who is suddenly transported to this incredible fantasy world where she realizes that she has prophetic powers that can awaken certain evil forces. She teams up with a dashing but lonely warrior who will help her understand her new powers and the story behind them.

Historical romance webtoons

Cover of Miss Abbott and the Doctor

Miss Abbott and the Doctor by Maripaz Villar

Now if you like Pride and Prejudice, you’ll love it Miss Abbott and the Doctor. This fun and interesting webtoon is filled with humor, charm, and reunited family.

Doctor Andreas Marino leads a quiet life and he loves it. While the charming Miss Abbott has a very chaotic life, very different from hers. Instantly, he decides he doesn’t like her at all. Unfortunately, you never know what to expect with Miss Abbott, so whenever she gets in trouble for him or appears unexpectedly in his presence, Andreas slowly lets his walls down.

Under the Oak by Kim Suji, Seomal Namu and P

Lady Maximilian was forced to marry Sir Riftan, a strong warrior who doesn’t show his feelings much. But as soon as they get married, he disappears, gone for a new campaign.

Three years later, Sir Riftan returned, to take his wife home. Estranged spouses who don’t know how to act towards each other, Maxi and Riftan will have to find an understanding of how to move forward.

Night Painter by Byeonduck

Na-kyum is a very talented painter who specializes in making erotic paintings of men. Although he published a few collections under a pseudonym, Na-kyum decided to stop painting. But when a young nobleman named Seungho appears on her doorstep, forcing Na-kyum to become her private painter, her life takes a turn.

Novae cover webtoon

Novae by KaixJu

Novae follows Raziol, a romantic astronomer at heart. He meets a kind-hearted necromancer who has a very troubled past. They instantly connect and a relationship blossoms, but trouble quickly arises when a fellow astronomer turns up dead on the steps of the Academy of Sciences. With a bit of murder mystery and a bit of epic romance, Novae will quickly captivate you with its emotion and beautiful story.

Like I said before, romance manga is everything to me (find out even more here!). You can find it in different genres! So if you’re in the mood for a fantasy romance or a shoujo romance, you can definitely find something to suit you.

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