16 of the best Manhwa novels for every romance reader


Reading manhwa gives me a serotonin boost. You can be so tired and cranky coming back from a long day at work and as soon as you start reading that new chapter of the manhwa that you love so much, I swear your day gets a little better. They have something that just gives you joy. The way they’re written and the art itself, it’s a powerful duo that can become a lifelong favorite. I decided to put together a list of the best romantic manhwa you can find right now.

In the last couple of years that we’ve had, I think people crave romantic content more than ever. I think it’s because of the forever happiness that you know you’re going to have. You might experience heartache and painful feelings throughout the manhwa, but you know that by the time you get to the end, in terms of romance, it will be a happy ending.

So I have a feeling that maybe this is why we are seeing a growth in manhwa romance. I swear two or three years ago I couldn’t find so many manhwas that had a romantic central plot. But now I can’t help but smile every time I go on Webtoon Where Tapas and see the manhwa romance collection bless our lives. From grumpy doctors to Hades himself, you can really find all kind of content, tropes, archetypes, characters, in this upcoming romantic manhwa.

Pretender's Armor Webtoon

Pretender’s armor by purpah

A historical fantasy romance set in medieval times, Pretender’s armor talks about a maid of honor Lucia and her life at the palace. She thought going through the events of the royal wedding was going to be the most difficult part of her new life.

That is until she meets a mysterious and dashing knight in shining armor named Modeus and finds out that he is, in fact, enchanted soulless armor!

Love your enemy by Jungyoon and Taegeon

Yeonhee Bae has mastered the life of lying through everything, but when she meets someone who knows a secret from her past, her wish to live a perfect life begins to seem quite impossible.

Knowledge of Olympus by Rachel Smythe

Modern, glamorous, entertaining. Knowledge of Olympus is a phenomenon that does not need to be presented.

Once upon a time, Hades drove Aphrodite mad. In revenge, she planned to put Persephone in her car, taking him to the underworld realm, unbeknownst to Persephone. This is the start of how Hades and Persephone fall in love.

Webtoon Positively Yours

Positively yours by kang ki and Lee jung

One of the best romantic manhwa you can read is Positively yours. A cute romantic comedy with the unexpected pregnancy trope!

After finding out that his best friend and his crush are now dating, Hee-won decides to go wild for a night and have a one-night stand with a handsome stranger. But that very satisfying one night stand has now turned into more – she is pregnant!

Thief x lover by PENGKI

Ji Ho is back in college after a leave of absence, but it still feels weird to go back to normal classes. Then, he manages to land a killer offer for an apartment to rent! Upon arriving at the apartment however, he finds a thief inside. But what’s weird about this thief is that he doesn’t want to steal any valuables, but rather is intrigued by this story Ji Ho wrote in his old notebooks.

A commercial proposition by Perilla, NARAK, Haehwa and Guava Farm

With korean drama just announced, A commercial proposition must be on your list of manhwa novels to read.

Ha-ri agrees to go on a blind date instead of her best friend and pretends to be a super vixen to end all of her unwanted marriage proposals. But she would never have thought that the new CEO of her company would be the one to walk through the doors!

Webtoon Midnight Poppy Land

Midnight poppy land by Lilydusk

Mafia romance fans, this one’s for you!

One day, Poppy drives her scooter after seeing her boyfriend cheating on her and accidentally crashes, finding a bloody shoe. Taking evidence by mistake, she gets involved with the Mafia, including an intimidating bodyguard …

Arouse the taste by Eriae.

Reuniting with a childhood friend after years of separation makes a difference, right? Our protagonist discovers that the woman who returned is determined to make her hers.

Heesu in class 2 by Lily

Heesu’s life revolves around his best friend who also happens to be his secret crush. He has no problem giving her girlish advice and hearing her problems. But then, one day, Heesu hears his name in the halls of schools… ”Do you have a love problem? Find Heesu in class 2 and he’ll tell you what to do!”Soon after, Heesu found himself in the center of attention.

Webtoon Remastered Fools

The Fools Remastered by Youngha and Bakdam

This remastered fools edition will give you the same crazy emotions but with such a new and unique look! Definitely one of the best and cutest love manhwa I have ever read.

Eunki has always been an introvert. He stays alone rather than going to parties. But when he shows his face at a specific party, Eunki meets Jungwoo, a cute and spirited freshman.

The Bran of Bread by miqin, scarlozet and Kisai Entertainment

Kimmie can hear tastes like music. Kale is a rude apprentice in a bakery in Paris who says and does whatever he wants. She can’t stand it, but she can’t stay away from the bread he bakes because there is the most beautiful music she has ever heard!

SubZero by Junepurr

A manhwa of fantastic romance with DRAGONS!

For Clove, the last princess of an almost extinct dragon clan, she would do anything to save her family, even marry her nemesis so that she could bring peace to her country.

Miss Abbott and Doctor Webtoon

Miss Abbott and the Doctor by Maripaz Villar

The cutest and most comfortable historical romance, Miss Abbott and the Doctor is a must read if you love to read manhwa and romance!

Cati is a chaotic personality who doesn’t get along with the new doctor in town. Whenever they meet at events or on the street, they can’t help but bicker and play pranks on each other (well, it’s mostly Cati doing the pranks!). She is radiant, he is stoic. But these two have the cutest, sweetest romance ever.

Devil number 4 by jangjin and woombee

When a very unlucky student is at her wit’s end, the devil decides to make her entrance. He is ready to offer her whatever she wants if only she agrees to give him her soul.

Relationship guidelines by EPUM

Kissed by her best friend, Jiwon doesn’t know what to do. Their constant game of who’s the cat and who’s the mouse is so fun you just have to pick it up right away. Find out how these childhood friends tiptoe around their new relationship!

Webtoon Love in Spring

Love in spring by DiDi and Ssal

Her heart does not race for any girl. His heart fades for every man. The funny thing is that when they meet at college orientation, Jihoon’s heart is unleashed for Sol. But Sol can finally breathe around a man. He must find a way to win his heart now!

If you don’t know where to read manhwa, check out these 6 places where you can read them! Now you won’t miss your favorite stories anymore and can catch up on your most anticipated chapters every week. For more manhwa of different kinds, we can also help you.

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