21 Best Enemies-To-Lovers Books To Read Now, From YA Romance To Fantasy

When it comes to romantic tropes, it’s hard to beat an arc of enemies to lovers. There is nothing like watching two people go from hating each other, to loving each other, to falling head over heels lover with each other. And rest assured, all of the enemies-to-love books listed below use this familiar story to good effect.

One of the best things about a romance trope is that a book doesn’t have to fall into the romance genre to make great use of it. Stories in which two lovers begin to hate each other appear not only in romance, but also in science fiction, fantasy and literary fiction. This list contains snippets from all of these genres, in their YA and adult variants, so there is something here for every reader to enjoy. No matter how you like your enemies to lovers romances, you’ll find a lot to like below.

So be prepared for angst. Prepare for threats, sword fights, and devious intrigues that give way to scorching sweets, dancing, and bedroom scenes. Without further ado, the 21 Best Enemies-to-Lover Books.

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We all know that Pride and Prejudice is the quintessential enemies-to-lovers romance, so it’s only natural that modern tales of Jane Austen’s novel – like that of Ibi Zoboi Pride – would also be essential readings. Here, an Afro-Latinx girl growing up in Bushwick decides not to befriend her new wealthy neighbors, the Darcy brothers. But when she slowly falls in love with one boy Darcy as her older sister clings to the other, her promise becomes hard to keep.


Tweet Cute

Pepper and Jack – high school enemies who also happen to be heirs to rival family businesses – are in the midst of a feud on Twitter. Jack knows the Pepper family restaurant chain stole his grandmother’s recipe for the best grilled cheese ever, and he won’t let his deli succumb to Big League Burger without a fight. Meanwhile, on an anonymous chat app, he and Pepper believe they’ve met their dream partners. How long do you think it will take them to realize that they are talking to each other every night?


Wrath and dawn

At Renée Ahdieh’s 1001 nights recounting, a young archer named Shahrzad swears to avenge the death of his best friend at the hands of a murderous caliph. Shahrzad, 16, has just volunteered to be the next caliph, hoping the proximity to the caliph will give him the opportunity to strike. Knowing that her new husband will likely attempt to murder her on their wedding night, she hatches a plan to tell him stories that will force him to keep her alive if he is to hear their ends – all for her to do. may wait for the perfect moment to demand revenge. But the Caliph is not the man Shahrzad expected, and she quickly finds herself in love with him.


The stopover

Things are going from bad to worse for the future ex-stewardess in the heart of Lacie Waldon’s The stopover. Ava is ready to give up her high-flying career and start a new life on the ground, but her last flight has just been interrupted by her nemesis, Jack: an ex-pilot who spent years on the wrong side of Ava. . She tries to make the most of it, but when an emergency stop in Belize turns into a weekend stopover, Ava begins to wonder if maybe Jack isn’t so bad after all.


These Violent Delights

If a Romeo and Juliet the 1920s Shanghai crime syndicate-centric narrative sounds like your bag, you need recover those of Chloe Gong These Violent Delights. The young heirs to two criminal empires, Juliet and Roma, have a long and sordid history together – one that has almost certainly dashed any hope they had to unite the power of their families. But when a deadly epidemic causes a series of brutal deaths across the city, Juliet and Roma must let the past go if they are to save all they hold dear.


Red, white and royal blue

America’s first son falls in love with UK’s most eligible prince in Casey McQuiston Red, white and royal blue. Alex and Henry feud off-camera during their family’s press tours, but when a marriage-ruining marriage puts them both in the spotlight, they’re forced to play nicely for a change. Will being pushed together breed contempt … or affection?


A love story Pho

Bảo and Linh know how to stay away from each other. Their parents own rival pho restaurants in the same neighborhood, and fraternizing with the enemy is strictly prohibited. But when Bảo volunteers to help Linh on a very difficult night and sparks start flying, the two teenagers realize that they will have to bridge the gap between their families if they want their businesses to succeed.


Beach reading

January and Augustus could not have had less in common. Sure, they’re both writers, but she lives on forever, as he has no qualms about ruthlessly murdering any character he loves. When their separate beach retreats get them cramped, January and Augustus swap their genders in an exercise meant to unleash their creativity. Once this is done, they will go their separate ways again. That’s the plan, anyway.


War of the Town Criers

Set shortly after the inevitable subjugation of humanity by robot lords, Nina Varela’s War of the Town Criers follows Lady Crier, the next ruler of Rabu. She has been the target of assassination by one of her closest servants, who is determined to avenge her parents’ deaths at the hands of the Automae. As a web of political intrigue wraps around the two young women, they begin to realize that they will have to lean on each other to survive.


Act your age, Eve Brown

Jacob, the pragmatic owner and operator of a B&B, gets more than he expected when he interviews Eve, the uncontrollable wanderer of the Brown family. Eve’s first impression of Jacob could win awards for being a total disaster, and it’s before she runs him over with her car. Now he has a broken arm and no choice but to engage it. Sparks will fly, but will they ignite a passion or ignite everything?


Captive prince

CS Pacat’s erotic novel centers around Damen, an ousted prince traded to an enemy royal as a slave for his bedroom. Damen must keep his identity a secret while he lives in Vere, but it will be a tall order when he and his Veretian master, Prince Laurent, are drawn into a plot to steal the throne.


May the best win

Last year, Cheering Captain and Student Body President Jeremy broke up with her boyfriend and became trans. Now he’s determined to win the Homecoming King, and there’s only one thing in his path: his ex, Lukas, who runs both the soccer team and the Homecoming Committee.


This is how you lose the time war

Red and blue are deadly enemies. Caught up in a war across space and time, the two rivals leave notes of taunt hidden in the most unlikely places. But as their match begins to grow more affectionate, Red and Blue must decide what they really want to fight for.


You can go your own way

Recently deceased pinball owner’s son clashes with gaming cafe chain CEO’s daughter in Eric Smith’s You can go your own way. Most of Adam and Whitney’s interactions have been done online, where they are caught up in an uphill battle on social media. Something magical happens when they find themselves in Adam’s Father’s Arcade, but will that be enough to start a real relationship?


The Jasmine Throne

The lives of an exiled princess and a mysterious maid collide in Tasha Suri’s sapphic fantasy novel. The Hirana was once a place of magic and meditation. Today in ruins, it is the prison house of Princess Malini, the emperor’s sister. Everyone connected to Hirana’s former glory is believed to be dead, but Priya managed to survive. Her work as Malini’s maid provides the perfect cover for her real job: rediscovering the source of magic within the Hirana. But Malini is about to see something she shouldn’t see, and it will change the lives of both women forever.


The love hypothesis

Olive doesn’t believe that love exists, and she just has the scientific know-how to prove it … at least that’s what she thinks. Wacky drifts lead Olive to fake a date with Adam, Stanford’s most prickly teacher, all to prove that her best friend’s sincere belief in love is wrong.


The worst groomsman

Although Carolina’s love life is not flourishing, her career as a wedding planner is going very well. Better yet, a chance to plan ceremonies at one of the city’s fanciest hotels just presented itself – but pursuing that means she’ll have to work with Max, the man who once successfully encouraged her brother to throw Carolina at the altar. Both will benefit greatly from their partnership, provided they don’t kill each other first.


We set fire to the dark

Dani’s parents risked everything to send her to Medio School, an elite training academy where prominent young women learn to be sisters to the country’s most eligible young men. As her husband’s Primera, Dani will be responsible for keeping her household running smoothly, while his other wife, La Segunda, will raise their family. But what will happen when someone finds out who Dani really is?


She drives Me Crazy

Scottie is already disappointed after losing to his ex-girlfriend’s team, but her day goes from bad to worse when she crashes – literally – against her big rival. Now forced to carpool with Irene, Scottie leads a life of misery … until she spies on a chance to get revenge on her ex and regain a little dignity as a high school student. She’ll just need Irene pretending to be her girlfriend long enough for this to work.


Gear breaker

At Zoe Hana Mikuta Gear breaker, two young women on either side of a huge battlefield discover that they are secretly working towards the same goal. When a captured resistance fighter collides with a mecha pilot, she discovers that her opponent is on the side of the angels as well. But can they forge a new alliance before it’s too late?


You should see me in a crown

Liz never wanted to be the prom queen, but when a scholarship was set aside for her school’s prom king and queen turns out to be her only chance to go to the school of her dreams, she throws his tiara in the ring. There is only one problem: she has a crush on the competition.

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