5 TE SOS recipients and 3 ideal endgame couples

Once you get around the first two tiers of tight ends in your fantasy draft, you’re already in an area to fight uphill for position for the rest of the season. You’ll likely turn to the waiver feed for streaming options at some point in the season. As such, looking ahead to the strength of individual player schedules is helpful to project which tight ends have the most favorable path ahead of them.

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By looking ahead and evaluating each team’s schedule, you can increase your chances of signing a mid to lower level player who could hit hard, potentially eliminating the need for a waiver wire or streaming. . Whatever strategy you choose to implement this season, going into your draft knowing which tight ends will benefit from the most flexible schedules gives you a leg up on your competition.

So, let’s dig into these windy times with a very careful eye on the exploitable sections at the start of the season.

SOS beneficiaries

Albert Okwuegbunam/Greg Dulcich, Broncos

Right out of the gate, the Broncos have one of the easiest projected schedule forces in the NFL, including Week 1 opponent Seattle Seahawks. Of the Broncos’ top eight opponents, seven finished 2021 in the back half of the league with schedule-adjusted fantasy points awarded to the tight end position, with five finishing in the **bottom six. It’s really set up to be a standout debut for Denver tight ends, even if some of those teams are improving the way they cover the position. The offensive environment and possible hot start would amount to an easy selection of Albert Okwuegbunam as a whimsical top-12 TE if it weren’t for some NFL Draft selection coming in and spoiling everything.

SB Nation Denver Broncos scribe AJ Schulte (@AJDraftScout) thinks Greg Dulcich has a a lot of potential in that offense for 2022, citing how the rookie’s prowess on the field “fits in with the tight end style that Russell Wilson has targeted most often in his career.”

Even our own Jennifer Eakins would like us to trust that “Dulcich should be more than just good hair”, pointing out that Okwuegbunam is a holdover from the previous regime, while Dulcich was a Day 2 selection under General Manager George Paton and the new head coach Nathaniel Hacket.

I would strongly suggest reading both articles, as they both make many great points, but I still feel like the Broncos traded Noah Fant with the full intention of making Albert O the undisputed TE1 for Denver. If Dulcich starts to snatch time, it will likely be later in the season when the softer schedule streak has dried up, leaving the rookie to fend off some of the best TE defenses the league has to offer. If we have to drop Albert O for week 9 goodbye, so be it; eight weeks of solid TE production for a 12th-round pick is worth it.

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