82 best romance novels that will make your heart race

Is it too much to ask for the same kind of love that the best romance novels and movies depict? Is it naive to believe in happiness forever as depicted in romantic novels? Romance is not dead in the 21st century. However, romance is a rare find at the age of the tinder crooksopen relationships and let’s relax together but also see other people. The dating world is not the same as it was 20 or even 10 years ago. With the rise of dating apps, singles have lost what was so special and romantic about dating.

You see a cutie standing in a queue waiting for his coffee. They try to politely decline your offer to pay but eventually accept. A few chats later, you exchange numbers and find yourself in a nearby park the next day. And that’s how, kids, I met your mother. And it might be a bit overused and a bit cliché for the start of a romance novel, but in real life, it’s damn too cute.

However, it’s chivalry and romantic acts that are lacking these days. And no, Tinder’s pickup lines don’t do it justice. No, I don’t want to be at your house. I want you to walk outside the sidewalk, check if I got home okay, or just sit in a car and chat about life cause I know gas costs expensive these days. I don’t want you slaying dragons for me or fighting evil stepmothers or witches, but, Damndon’t let chivalry die, pretty please!

Allow me to reveal a little secret about a hidden world where romance and chivalry thrive. This is the universe of romance novels and romance books. It may be the only place where romance and chivalry will never perish because all those fairy tale love stories are inked on sheets of paper. Below we have compiled a list of, in our opinion, the best novels of all time, romantic edition. Have any of your favorite steamy romance novels been added to the list? Also let us know if there are any other romance novels missing from the list!

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