ACE’s Jun to star in BL landmark drama “Tinted with You” alongside Yoo Hyun Woo and Kim Tae Joong

Moving Pictures Company, which produced BL (Boy’s Love) dramas like “Wish You”, “Nobleman Ryu’s Wedding” and “Tasty Florida” featured the main characters who will direct the new “Tinted with You”. It’s a fantastic romance that slides back in time. “Tinted With You” will be released every Thursday and Friday starting December 23.

June embodies Eun Ho, a high school student passionate about painting. Jun captures Eun Ho’s urgency to return to the modern era while protecting what he loves while being tasked with finishing the painting. Yoo Hyun Woo plays the fallen Crown Prince Heon, who continues to lead an unstable life, sensing the threat of the life of his older brother, the King. Expectations are high as to how he will describe the compassion he feels for Eun Ho, whom he encountered during his exile.

Kim Tae Joong, who played an impressive role in MBC’s drama “Extraordinary You”, will play the role of a warrior escort, Geum, to present an alternate charm. Geum is an escort samurai who silently guards Heon against assassins, and while he’s not good at self-expression, he’s a person with a gentle personality who genuinely cares about Heon more than anyone.

Jun from ACE recently did an OST for the popular BL series ‘Light on Me’, first for a K-pop idol and it really showed how progressive and forward-thinking her mindset is! In an interview with Teen Vogue, he said he hoped dramas like “Light on Me” could help break down the stigma surrounding same-sex relationships and create a platform where every film that addresses such issues will receive the same. Warning ! We’re extremely excited to see Jun in a BL and we know he’s definitely going to be playing the role of “ACE” – for lack of a better pun – that role!

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