Afterlife wastes Trevor and Lucky’s Romance

While Ghostbusters: Afterlife spins for a few romances, it unfortunately wastes one of its bigger ones and destroys a character in the process.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Ghostbusters: Afterlife, currently playing in theaters.

Ghostbusters: the afterlife does a decent job of connecting the old generation to the new, as two eras of Ghostbusters come together in Summerville, Oklahoma to once again stop Gozer’s rise. At the heart of it is Phoebe (Mckenna Grace), as she embraces the legacy of her grandfather, Egon Spengler (Harold Ramis), but has the help of a team of misfit teenagers. However, as the film wastes its great romance, it ends up repeating a major mistake from the previous films.

There are some cute romances in Life after death, with Egon’s daughter, Callie, and Gary (the children’s teacher) falling in love with each other, as well as Podcast having a crush on Phoebe. But the most important film in the film is between Finn Wolfhard’s Trevor and a girl he meets at a restaurant, Lucky.

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Trevor ends up working on it too, while his sister investigates Spengler’s legacy, but it ends up being a half-formed romance. There is little chemistry, without sentimental moments to build them. Life after death Never even though Lucky was joking when she gave Trevor his hoodie to work in the cold freezer after saying the garment belonged to her boyfriend.

It’s a weird plot point to drop, with the teens not even arguing about loving each other. All they talk about at the canyon with their friends is how the two have families that make them feel stuck. If they had been on a date or had a moment where they were almost kissing, it would have been more endearing and organic for bonding. Instead, they’re barely friends, so it’s odd that the movie makes a weird cut after Trevor uses Ecto-1 to help Phoebe and Podcast trap their first ghost.

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The sheriff (Lucky’s father) then has them in the cell for destroying the town, but Lucky doesn’t even discuss the idea of ​​the paranormal as she teases Trevor. However, the next day, Lucky joins the gang to go hunting. It is a jump without reason, which makes it superficial and forced. The quest worsens when she learns from Phoebe that Trevor is 15, not 17. At this point, Elder Lucky should give up all romance, but once again, she gets closer to Trevor.

In the finale, Lucky dons a proton pack, only to be transformed into one of Gozer’s dogs. It’s just so that Trevor is moved by the object of his affection that is being snatched away from him. If he had been transformed, it would have made Callie and Phoebe fighting the villain more logical. It would resonate with a cathartic edge, giving Egon’s ghost a reason to come and help like he does in the movie. Honestly, it’s a real parody to treat the only black heroine in the movie like that, making her feel like a prop to showcase Trevor isn’t a jerk, after all.

It also brings back memories of actor Ernie Hudson complaining in the past about how he felt like a symbolic character. Winston, after all, was not a founding member and just signed up for Salary, which is a selfish role Hudson wanted to correct. While Life after death seems to position him more as a leader, he’s always deaf when it comes to Lucky, only using it to improve Trevor rather than detailing the portrayal of an ambitious young girl who wants more in a dusty town. Unfortunately, this allows Trevor to define her when she has so much combat and potential to explore.

To see how Trevor and Lucky’s romance is ruined, Ghostbusters: Afterlife is in theaters now.

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