Ahn Hyoseop and Jeon Yeobeen for a romance through the mysteries of time and space –

Photo: Courtesy of HanCinema

If you’re a fan of the wealthy conglomerate heir ‘Kang Taemoo’ (Ahn Hyoseop in Business proposition), get ready to pass out even more. The actor is reportedly starring in the upcoming Korean remake of the hit Taiwanese drama Sa day or a dayagainst the very versatile and lively Jeon Yeobeen, who performed admirably in Vincenzo.

Photo: Courtesy of HanCinema

According to reports, the show’s popularity has increased disproportionately as it has received millions of views on many Taiwanese platforms after being broadcast in multiple countries and dubbed into multiple languages. Over 100 countries have purchased copyrights which have been translated into 12 languages ​​including English, French, Korean, Japanese and Thai. The drama was acclaimed for being conceptually original, thematically unique, storyline structure, storytelling method, and cast performances, among others.

a day or a day is a thriller-mystery-romance-fantasy about a young woman ‘Huang Yu Xuan’ (Alice Ko) who is not ready to accept the tragic death of her boyfriend ‘Wang Quan Sheng’ (Greg Hsu) and longs to reconnect with him in some capacity. She receives a strange package containing a cassette player and a tape, which she listens to and teleports to 1998. Stranger still, she finds herself in the body of ‘Chen Yun Ru’ (also Alice Ko), a high school student. Huang, trapped in Chen’s body, wakes up in a hospital and is stunned to see a boy next to her, Lee Zhi Wei (also Greg Hsu), who looks like her late boyfriend. She believes her desire to reunite with her partner has come true, but she later discovers there is more to reality. In due time, Huang tries to alter the past and the future through the mysteries of time and space and ends up solving the riddle.

Ahn Hyoseop will play the dual role of characters Greg Hsu, Wang Quan Sheng, and Lee Zhi Wei in the Korean version, while Jeon Yeobeen will play the female lead. There’s a lot of buzz surrounding this, especially among fans and viewers who want to see how the chemistry of the protagonists unfolds; a mystery even more intriguing than this “Mystery of Love”.

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