Ann Zachariah MD Releases New Poetry Book WILD CHILD OF THE MONSOONS

Ann Zachariah MD has announced the release of her new poetry book, Wild Child of the Monsoons. A collection of lyrical poetry that savors the myriad of emotions that life offers us.

Wild Child of the Monsoons waters down the core emotions that will allow the reader to realize who they really are. The author will take readers on a hopeful nostalgic journey on a canoe of vibrant emotions to help them connect with their true selves. It’s a raw poetic record of pain, love, loss, grief and gratitude that will ultimately lead to his higher self and self-love. It will help you look within and own all the beautiful and painful emotions with an inner feeling of knowing that you are not alone on this journey. It will elevate you to that sacred space within yourself where you know you are loved and your divine self is always celebrated.

Are you ready to start your journey today?

A word from the author:

“I was a young girl of about six years old when I started writing the songs of my soul with a semi-sharpened pencil without an eraser. I found torn papers thrown into perfect two-line books to write my thoughts. Not understanding how my ideas lined up with my words, I wrote verses and songs while sitting on a narrow wooden bridge over the stream that meanders through the rice paddies of my ancestral home.” – Ann Zachariah MD

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