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BELLOWS FALLS, Vermont – Local author and freelance writer Bill Lockwood – who contributes to the Vermont Journal, The Shopper and Eagle Times – recently published his fifth book titled “Gare de Lyon”. Lockwood’s previous titles include “The Monsignor’s Agent” (2019), “Ms. Anna” (2018), “Megan of the Mists” (2017) and “Buried Gold” (2016).

Lockwood’s books are published by The Wild Rose Press, based in New York, a small publisher that primarily published e-books when it began launching in 2006. The press has now grown to include over 500 authors and 3,500 securities. Their books range from fantasy, contemporary and romantic novels – to mainstream, adult and young adult fiction – to “series” and “themed” stories.

“As of 2016, this is my fifth historical fiction novel with The Wild Rose Press,” Lockwood said in a recent interview. “They must like my writing because they continue to accept my stories. My next one is already written, under contract with them, and being edited.

Bill’s latest version tells the story of Mary O’Reily of South Boston, an art graduate who travels to Paris to further her art studies and begins to call herself Mary. However, she is trapped by the Nazi occupation and ends up working in a bakery after being forced to close her art school.

“Marie is starting to carry messages for the owner who is with the Resistance,” Lockwood summed up. “The Gestapo is raiding, and Marie must flee. The Resistance assigns him to escort a downed RAF pilot on his way to safety, which turns out to be a not-so-easy task.

“Unlike my other books which are all set from the early 1970s to early 1990s, ‘Gare de Lyon’ is set in Paris and France during WWII,” he added. “My other books are all ideas that I’ve had for a long time – sometimes years – but once I start writing the final version that I send to the publisher, it usually takes around four to six months, but this one -this was a little different.

“I read a lot about WWII and heard stories from my parents’ generation. I also participate in community theater and being involved in a production of “Cabaret”, which involves an American writer who travels to Berlin before WWII, made me think about my own story taking place at the same time of war. I had the idea of ​​a young American art student who is trapped by the occupation of Paris during World War II and who falls into the Resistance.

A native of Baltimore and a retired state social service worker, Lockwood and his wife moved to this area in the early 1990s. He has long been involved in the community of Bellows Falls and was the longest serving president of the committee to direct the restoration of the Bellows Falls Opera House, an achievement which won him the 2006 Greater Falls Regional Chamber of Commerce Person of the Year award. He has also been active in community theater and during for many years he wrote on the arts for several local newspapers.

Lockwood recently hosted two successful book events, one at Village Square Booksellers in Bellows Falls and one at Blair Books and More in Chester. Bill usually brings friends from the community theater to these events to read excerpts from his book.

“My next book titled ‘Forced Entry’ is set during the terror following the Manson murders in California in the early 1970s. I expect this book to be released in the spring, and I am also working on a sequel to ‘Gare de Lyon’, which picks up where we left off with Marie in Casablanca, ”Lockwood said.

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