BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Series Jung Hae In Victorious Amid Historical Distortion Issue

snowdrops serves as the debut project between Jung Hae In and BLACKPINK Jisoo, but it immediately suffered criticism after airing its first two episodes.

This month, JTBC officially unveiled the first episodes of the highly anticipated drama about a young college student (Jisoo) and a North Korean spy (Jung Hae In), who the BLACKPINK member’s character mistakes for a pro-democracy activist. . However, its first two episodes suffered a backlash that eventually led to people filing a petition to stop the show from airing.

After some weeks, snowdrops emerged victorious as a court ruled in favor of the show.

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South Korean court verdict on snowdrops Revealed

On Wednesday, Seoul’s Western District Court denied the injunction against the TV drama. Thus, he still has the right to continue airing the episodes as scheduled.

According to the court, snowdrops is unlikely to mislead viewers about the history of the pro-democracy movement in South Korea. With that, they decided to reject the request.

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“Even if ‘Snowdrop’ is based on a distorted historical viewpoint as claimed in the complaint, it’s hard to believe that viewers will blindly accept it,” the court said.

The verdict also mentions that the civic group that filed the petition does not have the right to seek an injunction on behalf of the general public. It should be noted that they started an online petition and collected over 200,000 signatures over a week ago.

snowdrops Impress more despite the backlash

Despite the recent problem, snowdrops has risen stronger in its more recent episodes.

Nielsen Korea revealed that episode 5 of the series had a rating of 2.751% based on pay-TV households across the country. It topped the previous episode number 4 recorded on December 25, with a rating of 1.689% which became the lowest point nationally it scored since its premiere.

Meanwhile, its first two episodes – subject to reviews – got 2.985% and 3.898% respectively.

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