Claire Youmans releases a new historical fantasy THE ONI’S SHAMISEN

The Oni’s Shamisen is the 9th book in The Toki-Girl and the Sparrow Boy series.

Japan, 1877. Toki-Girl Azuki revels in her newfound freedom. But now, what will she do with it?

Using his patterns and the western dragon prince Iyrtsh looms for the eastern dragon princess Otohime’s ambitious project – to resettle refugees displaced by the failed Satsuma rebellion – anyone can create their fabulous fabric designs! But what about Azuki herself? Then the Oni, Kukanko, who is sure she is not a demon, calls the Toki-Girl for help.

Can Azuki, Sparrow-Boy Shota, Dragon Princess Renko and Eagle-Boy Akira find a way to help the Oni? What will a blind musician accomplish using his results? How can they help Uncle Yuta and Aunt Noriko find places for the newly freed factory workers who have nowhere left to go? Or help Lady Anko and Lord Toshio defy convention and save their hapless twins from a life-threatening superstition? What will happen to a very special horse?

Eastern Dragon King Ryuujin and Western Dragon Queen Rizantona contemplate the future of their species and the planet, and baby Dragon Prince Susu’s inability to keep a secret has catastrophic results.

Will Azuki and her friends find a way to help others while saving themselves, their friends, and their future? Can Azuki find a new path?

Oni’s Shamisen is the ninth in the groundbreaking Toki-girl and Sparrow-boy series where story, fantasy and magical realism collide in this final tale of the Meiji era, a time and place where anything could happen and has probably happened!

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About the Author:

Claire Youmans was captivated the first time she set foot in the Land of the Rising Sun. After many years of traveling to this magical place, the retired lawyer now lives in Tokyo, exploring and writing fiction and poetry. During the Meiji era, Japan went from a declining feudalism to a modern world power. How did they do that? This story holds a key to understanding Japanese culture and character. Like the ocean, Japan only changes on the surface while the depths remain the same. Using folklore and fantasy, Youmans tells this story in an accessible, fun and engaging way that reveals and explores the true nature of Japan, a unique, quirky culture that she has come to love.

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