Closing Fantasy XIV: Endwalker delayed until December 7


Endwalker’s growth for Closing Fantasy XIV was delayed from November 23 to December 7. Endwalker’s Early Entry model may be available to players on December 3. Closing Fantasy XIV director Naoki Yoshida said there were many causes behind the delay. The producer then took to Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone to apologize to the players and clarify the reason for the stunted growth.

I am extremely sorry to share this launch so close, but I have decided to postpone the release of Endwalker. The one-time launch date was slated for Tuesday, November 23, 2021, but I’ve decided to delay the release for two weeks. As such, the growth pack will now be launched on Tuesday, December 7, 2021.

There are a number of reasons for the postponement, but as I am the one overseeing all facets of the title as the top of the company, the duty rests solely with me. Allow me to extend my sincere apologies to our players, our Warriors of Gentle around the world who tried to free Endwalker so early. I am really sorry.

Yoshida cites the reason behind the delay being her selfishness throughout the growth event. Nonetheless, he believes Endwalker’s story can be described effectively. “While we would need a little more time before the launch of the Growth Pack, rest assured that we will continue to invest every ounce of our power in growth and operations to deliver an immersive journey to our people. players. ” He mentioned.

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Additionally, patch 6.01 (Pandaemonium) is slated for launch on December 21, while patch 6.05 (Pandaemonium [Savage], new Allagan tomestones and new equipment) is scheduled for January 4, 2022.

Meanwhile, Sq. Enix has released a brand new trailer (launch trailer) for Closing Fantasy XIV Endwalker. The trailer can be viewed under:

Endwalker will be the product of the events of FFXIV so far. The growth is guaranteed to be one of the many most significant expansions in the history of the sport. Lately we’ve had the prospect of previewing Closing Fantasy XIV: Endwalker. If you are curious about the new options introduced by Growth, you can test the article here.

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