Controversial gossip account reignites Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper romance rumors

Lady Gaga and bradley cooper were adorable in A star is born. The chemistry between the two actors was so palpable that you couldn’t help but wonder if they shared an offbeat romance. A controversial gossip account just leaked a shocking secret about them. Here’s what happens.

Let’s go back a few years to remember what happened between Cooper and Gaga. The two lovers performed almost too well in A star is born. Their performance of “Shallow” at the Oscars is unforgettable. Gaga and Cooper shared prolonged eye contact that had viewers everywhere grabbing their pearls. Looking at it now, you can’t help but feel there’s something there.

The romance felt like a fantasy. Which is to say, too good to be true. A star is born was filmed in 2017, and the Oscars were in 2019. Cooper was dating Irina Shayk long after the Oscar, with the two welcoming a daughter together in 2017. Gaga was dating Christian Carino throughout filming, even getting engaged in 2018 While both of those relationships have come to an end, that makes the prospect of an on-set fling unlikely.

An adventure on the set?

Between Two Me. The Instagram account posts anonymous celebrity tips that galvanize gossip fans but are usually extremely vague. This week, a tipster wrote that a “star duo known for their duets may not be as platonic as people think”. This could apply to literally any platonic musician, but one commenter thought it applied to Gaga and Cooper.

Another commenter wrote that Gaga and Cooper officially met on the set of A star is born. Gaga would sneak into Cooper’s trailer while her assistant, also blonde, would dress up as Gaga to keep up appearances. This story has it all: disguises, romance and intrigue.

Is it correct ?

You should only take this tip with the lightest grain of salt. The tabloids have been trying to promote a romance between Cooper and Gaga for years, but there just isn’t much evidence to back it up. The two have always denied having an affair too, and they have been single at the same time since the film was released. Why play timid when the stakes were low?

Let’s not forget that Gaga and Cooper are professional actors and they are good. Their performance at the Oscars was just that: a performance. Even still, it’s tempting to imagine secret on-set encounters between co-stars.

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