Cornelia Amiri launches the Historical Fantasy Romance DRUIDRY AND THE BEAST collection


Author Cornelia Amiri has released her historic fantasy romance collection, Druidry and the Beast.

Five shapeshifting gods and five passionate druidesses save the tribes of ancient Britain.

Can these couples overcome the insurmountable odds that a romance between mortals and immortals will be anything but a Celtic fire festival date? As the wheel of the year, blazing like a burning desire both on Earth and in the Otherworld, spins with the seasons of:

Samhain with God Gwydion, a shapeshifter wolf, and Druidess Seren, as the sultry magic brewing between them could be destroyed by a warning of danger from beyond the grave

Beltane with God Dewey, a shapeshifter dragon, and Druidess Nona, facing any harm the jealous leader might inflict on them

The winter solstice with the god Artaois, a shapeshifter bear, and the druidess Bronwen, fighting to save her tribe from starvation

The summer solstice with Epon, a shapeshifter unicorn and Maelona druid, as he fights the Romans to save his tribe

Lughnasa with God Lleu, a shapeshifter lynx, and the druid Weendolen as he tries to defeat the Romans and she tries to overcome her tribes’ mistrust of Lleu.

Druidry and the Beast is available for purchase in print and ebook formats.

About the Author

Cornelia Amiri has been introduced through the books to the woman who has become his favorite historical figure, Boudica. The Celtic warrior queen motivated her to write professionally. Cornelia loves history and while reading a book about the Dark Ages, she came across the Rebel Queen. She inspired her so much that Cornelia started taking notes, but it was fiction, visions of her involvement in the Boudica revolt. Before she knew it, Cornelia had accidentally written a rough draft for a novel. And since then she has been writing books. She currently has over 40 published books, mostly in the Sci-Fi Fantasy Romance genre.

When not writing, she enjoys reading, watching movies, and attending local comics. Cornelia is currently working on a romantic sci-fi comedy series with a Celtic goddess as the heroine. The title is Rare Finds and it is available in serial format, one episode at a time on Kindle Vella.

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