Elden Ring armor sets inspired by historical knights and cavalry

Elden Ring armor sets inspired by historical equipment of Winged Hussars, Byzantine Cataphracts, German Landsknecht and other pre-modern armies.

FromSoftware’s New Dark Fantasy RPG Ring of Elden has a wide variety of armor sets that players can buy or loot during a game. Some of these armor sets are quite realistic and grounded, while others look stylized and overly ornate. oddly enough, some of the most ornate and flamboyant armor sets in Ring of Elden are inspired by the actual gear worn by the military of ancient, medieval and modern times – the garments chosen by Polish winged hussars, German landsknechts and other historical military men who wanted to survive brutal battles and look good while doing so.


Shortly after humans started making weapons, they also started making reinforced outfits to protect themselves with armor that was sometimes utilitarian and sometimes as ornate as possible. Ring of EldenPaired armor set. The material and designs of these armors varied depending on the wars fought by certain cultures and the materials they had to work with. In classical Greece, where armies of citizen-soldiers fought within dense shield walls, the average hoplite carried a sturdy spear and a heavy bronze face. vacuum shield – cumbersome in single combat, but deadly in a phalanx formation. In contrast, the steel plate and mail armor of the classic European medieval knight, which most Ring of Elden Armor sets are inspired by, were designed to protect almost every part of the human body during dismounted combat and mounted charges – the perfect investment for a wealthy military aristocrat.

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Lots of armor sets in Ring of Elden are highly stylized and over-the-top, more a product of the game’s fantasy atmosphere than a form of protection the medieval warrior would actually want to wear. At the same time, there are plenty of well-preserved armor from medieval Europe and early modern Europe, more stylized than even the garish ones. Ring of Elden outfits. Some of these armor sets were ceremonial, designed for parades or displays. Other armor was designed exclusively for jousting, with plate thickness that actual battlefield armor would not possess. A surprising number of historical armor sets were both practical and elegant, and it was these armor sets that inspired some of Ring of Eldenfashion accessories popular among the RPG playerbase.

The Elden Ring Mausoleum armor set is reminiscent of the Winged Hussars of Poland

Elden Ring Armor Winged Hussars Mausoleum History Sets

During the heyday of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, a diverse and quasi-democratic co-monarchy in Eastern Europe, few Polish heavy cavalry units were as prestigious as the Winged Hussars, famous for having participated in the greatest charge of cavalry from history to the Battle of Vienna. in 1683. Depending on the battlefield and time period, Polish hussars wielded weapons such as lances, bows, war picks and sabers, but for most of their history they wore ostentatious plate armor with ornate feathered wooden arches mounted on their backs – the source of their “Winged” epithet.

Players looking to create a Winged Hussar character cosplay in Ring of Elden should definitely try to acquire the Mausoleum Knight armor set, which includes a chest piece adorned with the feathered wing arcs so iconic of the hussars of the historic Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The Mausoleum Knight set can be farmed from the Headless Mausoleum Knight enemies that roam the Weeping Peninsula and Liurna regions of the lakes in Ring of Elden (The Mausoleum Knight outside the Black Knife Catacombs Sight of Lost Grace checkpoint is a particularly handy target for farming). To acquire an appropriate looking headgear for their Winged Hussars cosplay, players can also try to acquire an open face helmet like the Infantryman Helmet dropped by enemies in Elden Ring’s Caelid and in the Redmane Castle Legacy Dungeon.

Elden Ring Duelist Armor Set pays homage to the stylized outfits of Roman gladiators

Elden Ring Armor Roman Gladiator Duelist Story Sets

Even Roman-era historians were unsure exactly how the tradition of gladiatorial games began, with some believing it to be an ancient Etruscan or Campanian tradition, others telling stories of early gladiatorial games. organized during the First Punic War as a particularly bloody form of funeral rite. During the times of the Late Roman Republic and the Early Roman Empire, gladiatorial games were bloody and extravagant events sponsored by consuls, emperors, and wealthy Romans in order to entertain and win the support of the people. Rome’s Coliseum gladiators, slaves who fought both beasts and each other in deadly duels, frequently wielded elaborate weapons and wore exotic armor sets inspired by the foreign cultures fought by the Roman legions – caricatures of Thracian, Gallic and Sammite “barbarian warriors” subjugated and made to kill each other for the glory of Rome.

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The Duelist Armor Set Ring of Eldenwhich can be farmed from dueling enemies in the area of ​​Leydnell, Royal Capital, has a bronze helmet with a face protection grid very similar to the helmet worn by Murmillo gladiators in ancient Rome. Its item description reads as follows:

Bronze helm adorned with innumerable snakes. Worn by gladiators driven from the Colosseum. The wearer becomes a slightly easier target for enemies.

The serpent is considered a traitor to the Erdtree, and the public delighted to see these battered and battered bronze effigies.

As well as revealing some interesting tidbits about the Erdtree and its supposed enemies, this item description shows how gladiators in the fantasy world of Ring of Elden fulfill the same cultural role as gladiators did in ancient Rome – symbolic caricatures of the enemies of an empire, dominated and belittled by being forced to participate in a ritual of violence. The theoretical origins of Gladiator Games as a gory form of burial offering could also have been hinted at via the breastplate of the Duelist’s Guardian cape and the presence of Duelist’s mini-boss enemies in some Ring of Elden dungeons and tombs.

Quirky Elden Ring Armor Matches Landsknecht’s Blazing Mercenaries

Elden Ring Armor Sets Story Witch Hunter Jerren Landsknecht Excentric Slashed Doublet

Real-world history is replete with military aristocrats and mercenaries who loved to dress in colorful battlefield attire – adorning their armor with gilding, decorating their helmets with feathers, and more. However, few pre-modern military bands can surpass Landsknecht mercenaries. of the Holy Roman Empire in terms of sheer flamboyance. Recruited mainly from the inhabitants of southern Germany, the Landsknecht (a great source of inspiration for the units of the imperial army in the war hammer fantastic and suitable table games Total War: Warhammer 3 trilogy of strategy games) fought in “pique-et-coup” formations where rows of matchstick-wielding musketeers were supported by pikemen and bearers of the infamous Zweihander great two-handed sword. The Landsknecht were also famous for their extremely colorful fashion sense, wearing feather scalloped helmets and hats, rainbow-hued cut-out doublets and leggings, and impressively sized cod pieces.

Eccentric Armor Ring of Elden, worn by the NPC called Witch-Hunter Jerren, is a good choice for players trying to create a Landsknecht cosplay, featuring colored leggings and sleeves with the puffy doublets cut off that Landsknecht mercenaries liked to wear. For a heavily armored version of the Landsknecht Mercenaries, more panicked players of Ring of Elden can also use armor pieces from the Banished Knight set, his breastplate adorned with a fairly “robust” Renaissance-style cod.

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