English Dub Review: Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy “Black Spider of Disaster”

After watching this episode of Tsukimichi: Moonlight Fantasy, I’ve come to the conclusion that the exaggerated meta-jokes that have been made about the Isekai genre make the tropes of said genre all the more tolerable. I’ve been sitting here now for two weeks waiting Tsukimichi take itself seriously much like most do, but the over-the-top humor and dragon tits do enough to keep the tropes from getting even more boring.

However, it felt like the spell had worn off a bit. There is certainly a formula brewing, and that will be discussed later. But much of the comedy and charm was lost this week, likely because the plot was a cut-and-paste of “Failed…Hero,” and we’re straying dangerously into harem territory, which is kind of nastiest anime so far.

We didn’t hear much about Shin in “Failed…Hero”, but that was corrected in “Black Spider of Disaster”, as we see how obsessed Shin is with Makoto’s power. This power even borders on thirst, because of the way she had let Makoto take her if he wanted to. Even with all the over-the-top meta and self-referential humor, it just throws it all over the top. I was rolling, because most Isekai have the man who drools and is obsessed with the woman. I dig into this role reversal.

However, as “Black Spider of Disaster” continues, we have to deal with what looks like the weirdest love triangle with Emma, ​​Shin, and Makoto. Because of Makoto’s actions, the city’s orcs move around in Shin’s half-plane, which has been made hospitable due to Makoto’s contract with her. What was hilarious, however, was that Shin got a new hobby looking at historical fiction through Makoto’s head.

And just like that, Makoto finally has a purpose. He found his family through the memory clouds Shin left around. There’s a lot of movement about it, where he decides to show some resolve and follow the path his mother and father walked so he can live up to their legacy. Before the break, we see the namesake of the episode, just to get back to Makoto.

Makoto came out, well, Makoto, when he realizes he has a second type of power called kai. He managed to heal one of the orcs, but ended up hurting himself. The blood attracted the spider, just as Shin returned with a dwarf who was attacked by the spider. The fight doesn’t go the way Makoto wants it to at first, with a spider leg going through his chest. He was able to do enough damage to sate the spider’s hunger, forcing the spider to become more friendly towards him. And by friendly, I mean, she also makes a contract with Makoto, transforming into a human as well.

Tsukimichi: Moonlight Fantasy stalled pretty hard this week. I found myself really enjoying some of the nuances and what I imagine is a reference to Nicol Bolas and his meditation realm from Magic: the Gathering with Shin’s demi-plane. But there was more of the same, coming from magical training, exploration, and “oh my god!” You are so powerful!” scene. The variation does wonders, and there was almost none. two weeks.

Overall, “Black Spider of Disaster” was a failure. There were some good times, but I feel like we’re one more big waifu away from becoming a big disappointment. “Black Spider of Disaster” gets a

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