Final Fantasy XIV is Square Enix’s highest grossing game


Final Fantasy XIV is Square Enix’s highest-grossing game after the scandal of over 24 million active players.

Final Fantasy XIV goes on and on. Square Enix MMORPG continues to achieve worldwide success, and although it is widely played on PC, it has been a next-gen since arriving on PS5 last May. This week we learned that Final Fantasy XIV is Square Enix’s highest grossing game From the history of the epic.

It was its director, Naoki Yoshida, who made it clear during a presentation of the upcoming expansion, Endwalker. Meanwhile, the Japanese have made sure the title crosses 24 million players with the delivery being the most profitable to date.

This number has grown to eleven years after its initial launch. Curiously, the initial reception it received was not very positive, but the opinion of the users improved especially after the restyling which completely changed the situation. Four years ago, with the expansion of Stormblood 2017, the number dropped to just ten million players, less than half the number today.

As mentioned, Final Fantasy XIV will receive its new expansion very soon. The Endwalker is said to have a 30% higher narrative load, and in fact, from the study, they made sure that there was a lot of historical material that they were considering eliminating some of its parts, although it could also mean a heavier workload. We at have reviewed all of the game’s expansions so far. If you want to dig deeper into their content, you can check out our Final Fantasy XIV checklist.

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