Freddie Gibbs shares freestyle on Drake’s ‘champagne poetry’, seems to be addressing Kendrick’s ‘smoking’ line


The Big Boss Rabbit himself just jumped on it DuckThe instrumental “Champagne Poésie” by.

Saturday, Freddie gibbs released “Vice Lord Poetry”, his interpretation of Drizzy’s CLB opener. And he kicks things off by appearing to respond to a recent line from Kendrick Lamar.

“I was a big bunny before my son was born / Earth is not big enough for both of us, you have to make it,” Gibbs spat. “They say they smoke the top five / But you’re not burnt for that one.”

Gibbs seems to answer Kendrick’s “smoke in your top 5” line from his collaboration with Baby Keem “Family ties. “He covers a lot of other ground in his two extra verses on the track.” Vice Lord Poetry ”sees Gibbs slipping a bit more on the beat, bringing up his relationship with Rick Ross and a lack of reading on the radio.

The track comes a few days after Lupe Fiasco dropped his “Poetry Diet Soda”, Alluding to the fact that he“ is thinking of getting back ”into things after its release in 2018 Wave of Drogas.

As for Gibbs, the MC teases his next album SSS, and talked about what fans can expect from his Alfredo followed in a recent interview with Complex.

“The new album is going to be crazy,” he said. “It will probably be the best album I’ve done. I think about this one. I think since Piñata, I’ve released classic albums, so I’m not going to stop there. Do you know what I’m saying? Piñata, classic. Bandana was a classic. Alfredo is a classic. SSS, it’s going to be the same. I improved on his album.

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