Historical characters with inexplicable appearances in video games

From Assassin’s Creed and total war for Dynasty Warriors, video games have drawn on history in creative and exciting ways. Whether you’re heading into battle as Guan Yu or plundering the high seas alongside Blackbeard, the games give us a chance to experience history in a way that other media don’t.

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However, there are plenty of games out there that take the story as their starting point and do whatever they want from there. We’ve found the weirdest appearances of historical figures in video games; these titles probably won’t teach you anything, but their bizarre renditions of famous characters get points for novelty if nothing else.

6 Eternal Sonata (2007)

eternal sonata frederic combat

Polish composer Frederic Chopin lived a relatively short life, dying of tuberculosis in 1849 at the age of 39. In JRPG Eternal Sonata, the dying Chopin finds his consciousness transported to a fantastical and animated world. Alongside his new companions, the composer is drawn into the struggle between the rival city-states of Forte and Baroque.

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Packed to the brim with musical references and with a soundtrack featuring plenty of actual works by Chopin, Eternal Sonata isn’t bad for JRPGs. Looking back, we can appreciate the decision to make the story a dying man’s dreams – if a game with that kind of isekai storyline had been made today, you can bet Chopin would have died and would have reincarnated in the alternate world with the sound of a dead horse being beaten in the distance.


banner of good pauline bonaparte

Pauline Bonaparte was the sister of the French Emperor Napoleon and the only one of his siblings to visit him during his exile in Elba. In Azure Flame Studio’s reimagining of the French Revolution, she is also an army officer following in her brother’s footsteps. As Pauline and her troops fight enemies from outside and inside, she is called upon to inherit Joan of Arc’s legacy for the defense of France.

Games fire emblem-as the gameplay is very well executed, so it’s a game to discover for strategy fans. Although the game occasionally gets a bit of fanservice (okay, a lot), Pauline is an excellent heroine. Banner of the Maid is a great example of how an idea can work even if it looks weird on paper.

4 History Runners 2 (2019)

story runners 2 gameplay

Mixing historical eras and personalities can be a recipe for greatness. The Thirty-plus Year Race Sid Meier’s Civilization is sufficient proof. Strategy and empire building make a lot of sense in this context. A racing game featuring historical figures, on the other hand, is an odd choice to say the least.

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Have you ever wondered who would win a running race between Abraham Lincoln, Cleopatra and Frida Kahlo? Of course, you didn’t. Story runners 2, however, aims to settle this debate once and for all with cartoonish side-scrolling action. What might be oddly charming turns out to be just sad.

3 Monster Strike (2013)

monster strike splatter

Gacha games love to use characters from history, folklore, and even religion. Being in the public domain, these characters are an easy way to bring recognizable elements into the game. monster strike has many besides its original characters. In some cases, the characters adapted have at least some connection to the original; Cleopatra’s “Storm on the Nile” ability, for example, or Moses’ “Towards the Promised Land”. In other cases, like Anastasia and Joan of Arc, the character’s appearance makes it pretty clear who they’re supposed to be.

However, many historical characters in Monster Strike have little or nothing to do with their inspiration. Lewis Carroll appears as an animated pirate-themed girl with a talking puppet, Nostradamus has a blobby green sidekick. These could be neat original characters, which begs the question; why stick the name of a real person on them?

2 Fate/Grand Order (2015)

fate grand order elizabeth bathory lancer

the Destiny The series follows an eternal war between mages who summon the spirits of fallen heroes to do their bidding. It has become a big franchise, with several anime, manga and game adaptations. In mobile game Fate/Grand Order, these historical heroes become collectible party members through a gacha system. Perhaps due to the series’ origins as an eroge title, many characters are depicted as sexy anime women, regardless of who they were in real life.

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Leonardo da Vinci, Sir Francis Drake and Emperor Nero all get the cheesecake treatment. Just like Calamity Jane, Elisabeth Bathory and Boudica. One can only hope the game encourages players to find out who the real people behind these characters were – it would be a shame to see all of their stories reduced to a thirst trap.

1 Limbo of the Lost (2007)

limbo of the lost briggs

In 1872, the American merchant ship Marie Celeste was found adrift at sea without a soul on board. There was no indication of what had happened to the crew, who had apparently disappeared without a trace. Their fate remains one of the best-known unsolved mysteries in history.

Inside Majestic Studios’ point-and-click adventure game Limbo of the Lostthe Marie CelesteCaptain Benjamin Briggs is embroiled in a battle between fate and fate. The game was quickly pulled from shelves after it was discovered that nearly all of its assets had been plagiarized from other projects. The game itself is completely weird, with its mishmash of visuals and cheesy dialogue. Weirdest of all is the game’s “King of Limbo” ending which is a masterclass in being so bad it’s good.

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