Introducing CLUB, the free-to-play fantasy mobile game

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Fantasy Football Scout is delighted to bring you more information about CLUBa free mobile fantasy game that allows football fans to create, build and sell their own digital football club and step into the shoes of a club owner (CO).

From selecting your players to choosing your kit design and upgrading your stadium, CLUB combines the thrill of Fantasy Football with the strategy and excitement of a club management/building game and is available on iOS and Android.


After bringing you a basic “how to play” last month, we have a new CLUB HQ update – and it’s the big reveal of their team screen (see below):

The great thing about the pictures is that you can choose from real players from Europe’s top five leagues – not just the Premier League – and select them in authentic playing positions, rather than ‘defense’, ‘midfield’ and ‘attack’.

Intuitive scoring, live substitutes and starting formations add to the real-life feel.

real gamers

Football fans often want to expand their knowledge, and for many fans around the world, discovering talent and watching matches across Europe is a lifelong passion. CLUB will allow users (or ‘club owners’, in the parlance of the game) to put this passion into practice by providing them with players from Europe’s top five leagues. So while you can’t have a team full of Galacticos from the start, it’s a perfectly plausible scenario as your club grows over time.

The result of having a wider range of players to choose from, of course, is that he should see a significant reduction in ‘model’ teams and deny the beneficial ownership factor that many of us have come to hate in FPL.

Real Player Positions

Players will have their positions designated based on their historical performance for their clubs, so you will need to buy and select people who can play in your club’s roster (more on that below). This adds to the authentic experience: you cannot, for example, have four left-backs in your defence.

This means that you will have challenges if you have a world-class player who only plays one position or someone who is perhaps a more versatile option (hello, James Milner).

Intuitive scoring

The intuitive score is more like a football fan’s “eye test”. So while goals, assists and clean sheets are obviously included, it will also reward players based on their overall contribution. For example, a N’Golo Kante a masterclass without goals or assists would still see him score competitively and reflect his wider exploits on the pitch.

What you see on the field will hopefully be what you see in the scores.

Live Substitutions

In some fantasy games, managers can often feel helpless after locking down their team for Gameweek. The stress this can cause has been a hot topic of discussion lately. But if you were running a club in real life, you would have the power to react to events – and you will in CLUB too!

With in-Gameweek substitutions, you can stick or twist a player during the game. You can even replace non-runners and players who play minimal roles (those annoying two-minute cameos!) with another player from your bench. And the standard auto sub rules are still there to catch it if you forget.

All of this means you may have some interesting decisions to make. after kick off, and you can stress a little less about the dreaded Pep Roulette…


True to real football, you will have a formation to select for your club. As your club progresses, you will be able to unlock more advanced formations in the game. This, together with authentic player positions, will really allow users to use their football knowledge in the real world.


CLUB currently offers 20,000 Founder Club seats to their first supporters, which includes in-game founding club status, limited-edition kits, badges and more. Once they’re gone, they’re gone!

You can also pre-register here.


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