Jasmine Farrell reissues her poetry collection “Long Live Phoenixes”

Following the success of the debut of her young adult novel, Sloppy, Jasmine Farrell has announced the re-release of her third book of poetry, titled Long Live Phoenixes. Farrell’s motto drives her to aim for the stars – “Grow. Learn. Live.”

Phoenix Law #1: Burn Bright, Soar High, and Always Remember Where You Came From…

The collection is divided into 9 laws or mantras, and is a heavy reminder to never stop growing on the road to self-discovery. When originally released in 2018, Long Live Phoenixes was the #1 new release on Amazon in LGBT poetry.

A phoenix is ​​one who has been touched by the flaming arrows of life, the stones of trauma, and the flames of grief. One who rose from the ashes of tribulations, assassinations, heartaches and family wounds.

One who continues to rise from whatever life throws at them and continues to rise as their authentic self…by any means necessary.

Long live the Phoenix

By Jasmine Farrell
Posted: May 16, 2022
ISBN: 9781737946014

Jasmine Farrell, from Brooklyn, NY is a freelance writer and author. Poetry being her first love, she has published three complete poetry collections: My Quintessence (2014), Phoenixes Groomed as Genesis Doves (2016), Long Live Phoenixes (2018). She released a poetry series that included three micro-collections titled The Release Series (2020). She recently published her first novel, Sloppy (2022). See Jasmine’s profile on BookBuzz.

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