Jennifer Lopez Talks New Movie ‘Marry Me’ and Rekindles Romance With Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez is gearing up for the release of her latest big movie Marry mealongside actor Owen Wilson and Colombian singer Maluma.

The film is a new romantic comedy about a superstar singer who decides to marry a complete stranger.

Watch Jennifer, Owen and Maluma talk about the new film in the video above

JLo, who has starred in previous romantic comedies such as Wedding planner, Manhattan maid, shall we dance?, freak-in-law and The backup planopened up about his love for the genre during a new interview on Sunrise.

“Romantic comedies were once my favorite movies, and so was a movie buff,” she said.

“They bring a sense of fantasy and love and hope that’s so fun to go to the movies and experience, so I’m happy to be, I think someone said it, the patron saint of romantic comedy.”

Jennifer Lopez spoke to Sunrise about her new romantic comedy “Marry Me.” Credit: Sunrise

The star also opened up about her rekindled romance with Ben Affleck and the “tricky balance” of deciding which relationship details to share with fans while maintaining some privacy.

The singer got back together with the actor last year after he broke off her engagement to baseball player Alex Rodriguez.

Their reunion came 17 years after the couple first dated and engaged, before calling off the wedding and going their separate ways.

“You realize people want you to share, but there are certain things that you have to hold sacred and really protect, just for their survival and for your type of sanity and survival as well,” she said. .

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez went public with their new romance last year.
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez went public with their new romance last year. Credit: Getty Images

“So it’s a delicate balance, and what’s nice about the movie is that it takes you behind the scenes of those little nuances of what it’s really like to be someone in the public eye. for many, many years and some difficult times can give the impression

“Especially when it comes to media and social media.”

Marry me arrives in Australian cinemas on Thursday, February 10

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