Johnny Unitas and Lenny Moore go high for the Indianapolis Colts – The Athletic

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the creation of fantasy football, The Athletic reviews the best fantasy players and fantasy seasons in NFL history.

A detailed look at the system used to rate historical fantasy performance can be found in our Top Fantasy Players of All Time introduction page, but here is a brief summary.

Fantasy player performance is adjusted through the era so that players who dominated during low-scoring eras can compete against players who racked up huge point totals in higher-scoring eras.

Once these adjustments are made, players are then credited for having a starter-caliber season (one point), a quality season (one point), an impact campaign (1.5 points), or being an elite starter (two points). These points stack up and are measured in both non-PPR and PPR and serve as the basis for determining who the best fantasy players in NFL history are.

Now that we’re done with the preliminaries, let’s take a look at the best fantasy players in Indianapolis Colts team history!

(Note: The numbers listed below are for player performance on the Colts.)

All-Time Fantastic Starting Lineup

QB: Johnny Unitas

AR: Lenny Moore

AR: Edgerrin James

WR: Raymond Berry

WR: Marvin Harrison

TE: John Mackey

SuperFLEX: Peyton Manning

Quarterback – Johnny Unitas

Unitas and Peyton Manning had nearly even numbers in starting caliber seasons. Manning had more quality seasons, but Unitas had notable leads in impact and elite seasons due in part to the relative lack of quality fantasy quarterbacks in his era.

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