“Michael Jordan and his fake one-handed ball is poetry in motion!”


Michael Jordan had a whole bunch of skills and moves in his arsenal, but his one-handed fake ball was special. A compilation of viral videos makes fans gush and remember.

To be 6 times champion is not an easy task. While Michael Jordan’s CV is enough to establish his GOAT status, his ability only consolidates his place at the top. A career average of 30.1 points per game is absolutely insane and further illustrates his artistry.

Possessing a legendary fadeaway, extraordinary verticality and unparalleled sense of play, his genius was undeniable. His play and rebounds have been underestimated by many, and we all know his exemplary leadership.

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Many consider his physical strength and attributes to be a major cause of his incredible abilities. His legendary leap with his tongue is a permanent image in the minds of fans. It’s also something that makes him an all-time dunker.

Having a bigger hand than normal also meant he could touch the ball quite easily. This gave birth to one of his many legendary skills: the one-handed fake ball. A video compilation of his one-handed fakes recently resurfaced and apparently stormed the internet.

Michael Jordan mesmerized fans with the simplicity of his movements in the video, which shows him faking legends like Reggie Miller

Today’s gamers love Kawhi Leonard also have huge hands. It made fans curious as to why we rarely see such moves today. A Redditor provided a plausible explanation, saying hand strength was unrelated to hand size, and implied MJ apparently had stronger palms.

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The reason for MJ’s success in pulling off such moves with ease may be questionable, but his genius is clearly apparent. There’s a reason it’s almost unanimously considered the GOAT.

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