My Time at Sandrock: Can You Romance Logan?

Living a fantastic new life is a concept enjoyed by many gamers around the world. That’s why games like My time at Portia and its recently released sequel, My time at Sandrock, are making waves in the gaming community. Fortunately, romance is a big part of the game, and no one loves it more than the fans! This is why the questions about My time at Sandrock, like “Is Logan a romantic character?” browse the Internet. Lucky for you, the answer to whether you can romance Logan in My time at Sandrock is very simple.

Is Logan single in my time at Sandrock?

My Time at Sandrock Logan with Horse

Logan, the notorious wanted outlaw, is not romantic at the moment. There are 10 singles right now, and he’s not one of them. Luckily, My Time at Portia offered the player 18 male choices, and the game is in Early Access. That probably means it’s not entirely out of the question!

So if he’s not romantic, why are so many people asking about him? Because Logan is an interesting character with a lot of potential. Going from normal villager to outlaw draws many players to the bad guy. And who doesn’t love redeeming a villain?

He first met after the game’s first sandstorm. Logan will casually rob a train in an engaging cutscene, where an intense showdown occurs between him and Justice. He will break a window by escaping the law. You will then be prompted to repair said window by Yan. Although the toon never encounters it during the quest, many can see this ship sailing.

Who can you romance?

There are plenty of other interesting singles and singles to choose from, so don’t worry! Continuing the theme of the previous game, the avatar can romance almost any NPC who isn’t a child and isn’t already married. Also inherited from its predecessor, you can befriend and marry each of these 10 male characters and 8 female characters.

You can love someone like the elusive Doctor Fang. Many are intrigued by her mysterious looks and incredibly cute raven pet, X. There’s also the gorgeous artist potter Amirah who has fans dying to meet her, or the nerdy, smart Qi. Many also simp (even if they hate it) for the narcissist and self-proclaimed “Protector of Sandrock”, Pen.

If you want to try to seduce Logan, My time at Sandrock Early Access is available from May 26, 2022 on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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