Piel Island’s Ship Inn Featured in Historical Children’s Book

A FORMER TEACHER has published a historical novel based on the island of Piel.

Pam Dowson was brought up in Walney, before going to college and becoming a primary school teacher in East Anglia.

However, her roots are still in the city and she has maintained an interest in local history.

She said: “I love the story and the particular story of Lambert Simnel.

“It’s the first novel I’ve written – I didn’t know if I had the strength to write a novel but it went very well.

“I’m more of a non-fiction person – as a former teacher I’ve published stuff before and always toyed with the idea of ​​a novel.

“Once I started, it flowed really well.”

Ms. Dowson has an MA in children’s literature, so she’s not new to the genre.

The book is aimed at young readers – aged around 12, but she says her adult friends have also read and enjoyed the book.

She said: “Alice, the main character, is the daughter of the owner of The Ship Inn.

“She finds a portal that takes her back in time to the days of Lambert Simnel.

“There’s a lot of comedy in the way life is different than it was back then, and it carries over into modern times as well.”

Lambert Simnel was a pretender to the throne of England.

In 1487, his rebellion threatened the throne of Henry VII before it was crushed by the king.

There are plenty of local names in the book, which is described as a fantasy story based on real people, places and events.

The search for history led her to do extensive research on the history of the area.

The book, titled The Incredible Adventures of Alice and Simnel, can be purchased on Amazon in both physical and digital formats.

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