Polymath artist Gillian Chamberlin uses poetry to find solace in heartache

Every day this week, KCRW is spotlighting local budding talent from the Young Creators Projecta community arts mentorship platform celebrating the creative work of SoCal residents under 21.

Gillian Chamberlin, high school student, is a poet, filmmaker and musician. She says her words guide her art.

“I feel like all the different forms of my writing go together, but they all root in my poetry,” says California School of the Arts student at San Gabriel Valley. “Whenever I start writing a story, I always start with a poem, it makes my thoughts so much more digestible. Poetry allows me to be concise with the themes and details I want to include in my writing, and is the catalyst for all the stories I tell.

Chamberlin was recently recognized by Young Arts for her short film “The Dinner Party” and is preparing to study film production and screenwriting in college this fall. Her first self-published book of poetry, “Miss America Is A Lesbian,” is currently on sale at Stories Books and Cafe in Echo Park.

Although she explores many writing mediums, she seeks to tell stories that are “always honest and visceral”.

Read his “Darling” poetry submission below.

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