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But beyond that, IU gave her fans another reason to cheer her on as she finally released another gem of a song alongside a very colorful music video!

On October 18th, IU finally made their highly anticipated comeback with the release of their new single titled “Strawberry Moon”! With her new hit, she also flaunted her romantic vibes with a super sweet clip!

IU’s “Strawberry Moon” is a new digital single and according to the single’s description on Melon, the song was initially viewed by IU as an easy track to listen to on an acoustic guitar. But the addition of Lee Jong Hoon’s piano theme made it a very calming pop-rock song.

Description of IU’s “Strawberry Moon” said:

“The things that happen inside of me when I fall in love are a more incredible fantasy than the strawberry moon in the night sky in June that looks like it was made with Photoshop. I hope people who listen to this song will remember those fantastic moments that might not happen often, might not come back, but that everyone experiences at least once in their life. “

Lee Jong Hoon and Lee Chae Gyu, both producers, also added elements of the electronic genre to make listeners feel like they’re in space.

Currently, IU’s “Strawberry Moon” music video already has 3.9 million views, 530,000 likes and 29,190 comments to show just how much listeners love UI’s new single!

Congratulations to IU on their successful comeback!

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