Rachel Sennott and Madeline Gray DeFreece find unexpected romance in high school comedy-drama

A few months before Baby Shiva premiered at SXSW 2020 and led to a breakthrough for star Rachel Sennott during its TIFF screenings and release in 2021, another project featuring the actress premiered at Slamdance Film Festival and gets finally a release this summer. Olivia Peace Tahara follows the characters of Sennott and Madeline Gray DeFreece as friends who discover they may have a stronger desire for each other after a kiss at a classmate’s funeral. Shot in 1:1 aspect ratio by cinematographer Tehillah de Castro, the drama set in Rochester, NY, will now arrive on June 10 and the first trailer has arrived.

Jared Mobarak said in his review, “That Peace and Zeidman can take this fun, wicked high school comedy of immature kids and turn it into a weighty drama with genuine consequences is no small feat. And they do this both through their characters (DeFreece and Sennott play their roles to perfection) and an experimental visual aesthetic that practically turns the obvious wrestling match between religious repression and sexual freedom into a character itself. The majority of the film is claustrophobically boxy, except where fantasy and reality stir up emotions to expand the frame via colorful rotoscopes and Claymation mockups. We see what they feel and too often ignore and hope Carrie realizes her desires are pure. It is the disappointment of others that is not since honesty is not a game. You reap what you sow.”

See the trailer below.

Tahara opens June 10 and will expand.

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