Romance Blossoms Between NCT’s Doyoung And Han Ji-hyo

TVING has unveiled a brand new teaser clip for its upcoming original fantasy K-romance drama, Dear X who doesn’t love me.

Starring NCT singer Doyoung and actress Han Ji-hyo, the new series will focus on Seo Hee-soo (Han), who comes across a magic notebook that can make another person fall in love for a month, and uses her power to embark on a brief month-long romance.

Meanwhile, his close friend, Jung Si-ho (Doyoung), is the only person besides Hee-soo who knows about the notebook’s powers and worries about his growing reliance on it.

The new clip offers insight into Hee-soo’s overuse of the notebook in her love life, as she embarks on new romantic relationships every month. This doesn’t go unnoticed by Si-ho, who begins to worry about her as he confronts Hee-soo: “Are you okay?” Are you able to date someone without emotions?

Despite Hee-soo’s initial disdain for Si-ho’s warnings, she slowly begins to realize the truth of her words, as she ponders the reality of who exactly she wishes to be loved, as the images of Si- ho parade. Dear X who doesn’t love me is set to premiere exclusively on South Korean streaming service TVING on July 14.

AX who doesn’t love me is written by Go Jae-hong and Wang Hye-ji, and directed by Go. Doyoung’s appearance in the new series notably marks his first-ever television role. Meanwhile, Han Ji-hyo is best known for her previous roles in Tomorrow, A Business Proposal, Hospital Playlist and more.

In other NCT news, it was announced that NCT 127’s Yuta will be absent from the boyband’s next stop ‘Neo City – The Link’ in Singapore on July 2, after testing positive for COVID-19 after returning. in Seoul after their tour of Japan. The remaining members of NCT 127 will continue to perform in the Southeast Asian city-state as scheduled.

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