Romance Books comes out summer 2022

Release date: June 21st

What is it about : Two best friends from high school, Dee Matthews and Ben Porter, haven’t spoken to each other in years. Not since their friendship fell apart. Now Dee, 28, currently co-hosts a podcast while Ben is a college science teacher. And they certainly don’t talk. But out of nowhere, Ben shows up on Dee’s doorstep, asking her to keep the promise they made to each other, which is to go on the same road trip they did together when they were teenagers. Dee agrees. She’s dying to know what Ben looks like now – and to find out what really happened after their friendship imploded. If anything, this will be great podcast material, right? But as they continue to spend time together in close quarters, old feelings begin to resurface. The attraction is still there, which raises the question: is this adventure also doomed to end in disaster? Morrissey’s double POV romance is full of sarcastic banter and lovable characters, but it also explores the delicate complexity of identity, loss and reconciliation. It’s a delightful and engaging gem of a read.

Get it from Bookshop or your local independent bookstore through Indiebound here. You can also try the audiobook version via

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