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We’re all big fans of the romance genre here at Book Riot. Especially since it is becoming more and more diverse, queer, fair and therefore, even more interesting. Romance has always been a feminist exploration of courtship that leads to happiness forever; the recent (and long overdue!) expansion towards love that is not cisgender and heteronormative makes the genre ever more inclusive and anti-kyriarchy.

The thing about romance as a genre is that just as there are as many ways to recognize the compatibility and love of choosing one or more partners as there are people, there is almost certainly an under- kind that can grab your attention. Do you lean historical or more contemporary? Do you like your romance with a little (or a a lot) more flesh on flesh? Do you prefer more fantastic settings or maybe a vampire or two? There is a sub-genre for that. And then there are the endless variations on how one becomes happy forever. Romance novels almost always come to a happy resolution at the end; most of them have a female protagonist because as mentioned they are also a deeply feminist fantasy about women who can be both individualized human beings and finding love – something the “real world” struggles with (although the “protagonist as woman” rule is challenged as more and more writers with diverse interests and backgrounds enter in the arena – more diversity everywhere, please!).

Whether you are a beginner or have read all of Nora Roberts’ novels ever published, you will enjoy the opportunity to proclaim your love of romance to the world with these romance themed products.

Start small! Proclaim your reading preference quietly and clearly with this enamel pin from Zing Reader. 11 $

A 3

This 3 inch wide sticker Cardigan Librarian would look great on a water bottle, in a newspaper, or really anywhere! $ 2.25

A sticker that looks like the cover of a romance novel.  A white woman in a peach dress and a colored woman in a purple dress look at each other longingly.  The text reads, "Romance novels;  they are actually very good stories!"

Another sticker I can’t resist! Proclaim your Sapphic romance addiction with this book cover sticker celebrating the love that only two women can share. Of fuglybarbie; is available in three sizes. The smallest is 3 ″ x3 ″ at $ 6.

A 7 oz white candle in a glass jar with a black top and a mint green label that says,

One of my favorite tropes, especially with LGBTQIA + romances, is the ‘oh my gosh what should we do? There is only one bed! If you, like me, think this trope is both darling and hilarious at the same time, you’ll appreciate this “Clean Cotton” scented candle (a scent choice that elicited another sneer) from RomancelandiaCandles. $ 12

Three pink and white magnetic bookmarks in the shape of books.  The one on the left says:

Any reader worthy of their library card knows that if you’re reading physical books that don’t belong to you, you’ll need a bookmark. And what better way to mark the page of your romance novel than with a magnetic bookmark on the appropriate theme of CarleyDesignsCo? $ 5 each or $ 15 for the set.

Five vinyl stickers.  The first one says

Another set of stickers! I love stickers, and this set of Tusks and Peonies is charming. 13 $

Graphic with text reading

For those of you who own an electronic cutter like a Cricut, here is a file of FancyCaseStore so you can cut out your own ad about your favorite therapy and put it wherever you want. $ 3

Tshirt with text

If you’re ready to announce your affection for historical fiction, this cozy T-shirt from ILoveHEA might be exactly the right way to do it! One of my weaknesses is dashing lords. Who doesn’t want to be a Duchess, after all? $ 24

Another gem of ILoveHEA is this polyester zip bag. The bag is available in small ($ 13) and large ($ 16) and is the perfect holder for everything from pencils and makeup to snacks for the kids.

A white spiral notebook with a stylized white woman on the front.  She wears yellow sunglasses, wears a gray pixie shag haircut, and wears a purple off-the-shoulder shirt that says

If romance novels are your therapy, you can keep your therapy journal in this 118 page spiral notebook from kiss and let me tell you! $ 18

A white pillowcase with black text that says,

You will have sweet dreams as you lay your head on this pillowcase from BigBookLoverShop, reminding you of the dashing heroes and brave protagonists who all live rentless in your head. $ 20

A white coffee mug that reads

If you like a bit of charcoal with your coffee then this 11 oz. Cup of RooReadsAlot is the perfect accompaniment! $ 10

An art print of a teal sofa with multi colored pillows and two cats on it, one black, one white.  On the coffee table is a book and a cup of coffee.

This mid-century modern style art print from DexMex would look divine next to your overloaded romance book library! $ 27

A white polyester tote bag that says

Obviously, you need another tote bag for library books, groceries, or whatever you like. Remind people that fairy tales are still legitimate adult reading, especially if they have a bit of filth! This one is from StephaniesCreativeCo. 25 $

A white to pink gradient vinyl sticker with a skeleton holding a book and text that says

Romance novels aren’t all dirty, but let’s face it: those that are dirty tend to be more fun. Let everyone know which hill you are ready to die on with this sticker from TheKraftyWon. $ 4

Black pants on what background.  The pants have white writing that says,

Currently, my favorite sweatshirts are gray and say “100% that bitch” on it with a lip print on the ass; I had them at a Lizzo concert right before the lockdown. But these comforters from Dear Writer Co are in a very close struggle! $ 30

A white polyester shoulder back with yellow suspenders and black writing that says: Alphas & Betas & Billionaires & Bodyguards & Cinnamon Rolls & Doctors & Firefighters & Highlanders & Rockstars & Vikings

Not sure which one is your favorite? You don’t want to choose? So this Hero Tropes bag from DatingCuteCreative is for you! 23 $

And There you go! Enough romantic products to scream your favorite genre to the world. Go ahead and represent equality in love! And once you’ve filled your carts with romantic goodies, pick up a few books as well, including some great contemporary romance novels and these romance novels by Indigenous authors.

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