Suneet Varma brings Romance of An Era Gone By To The Ramp

Day six of Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) India Couture Week saw fashion designer Suneet Varma showcase her collection, Sitara, a contemporary and theatrical portrayal of modern Indian women living today, while embracing the romanticism of traditional indian sewing. A beautiful adornment with giant butterfly wings brought together fantasy and refinement in the designer’s collection.

Drawing inspiration from a fashion language that is both modern and whimsical, wise yet beautiful and carefully crafted, Varma has intertwined history, myth and tradition in all of its ensembles. The blend of traditional patterns and abstract artwork, further enhanced by centuries-old Indian craftsmanship, makes this a perfect set for the feminine, romantic and modern woman. Beautiful chiffons and georgettes and versatile blouses formed the core of the collection. The designer likes to put the most details where it is unexpected, such as blouses.

“Sewing is basically occasion wear. I started creating this collection four months ago. I can tell my story from one sewing week to another and from one fashion week to another because I know that I have to do it two or three times a year. So, four months of work, then a collection, and so on,” says the designer.
Commenting on the fabrics, Varma says, “I actually worked in sewing for 13 years. It’s interesting how to treat textiles. With couture, it has to be more transparent, sexier, you treat them differently, you can dye them, transparent, shade them, there are many interesting ways to treat them. I work with textiles in two different ways, one is my furniture line and the other is the fashion line.

Aulerth is an ideology of high design and intelligently conscious jewelry. All jewelry has not only been crafted in Suneet Varma’s very distinctive couture signature, but has all been crafted from recycled metals and unexamined stones. Thus, the brand believes in a minimal to zero mining carbon footprint.
“When I learned about this brand’s philosophy and its haute couture-inspired jewelry, I was so excited. We all have to be responsible through sustainable jewelry or sustainable clothing, we have to be extremely mindful” , adds Varma.The meticulous details, patterns, jewel-toned stone and overall design essence of the “Pakeezah Collection” will spark joy in the heart of every wearer.

The collection also saw plenty of bead embellishments. “I love pearls because they symbolize purity. Whether it’s Maharani Gayatri Devi or my mother wearing a pearl necklace or the process of making pearls, the sensitivity of the process and the finished product is what makes it so appealing.

Varma used the color red in their collection for the first time this year. “I used red for the first time in 15 years in my collection because I felt we were all in a festive mood, coming out of those tough two years and sewing week. I wanted to celebrate the clothes, the models, fashion and the 15 years of couture week. I wanted it to be a moment of happiness combined with glamour.

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