The author and screenwriter writes a thrilling fantasy novel filled with true love, exhilarating obstacles and a powerful secret

Katelyn Emilia Novak presents a fantastic saga of love, drama and magic in ‘The Magic Ring of Brodgar’

LONDON (PRWEB) 02 February 2022

In Katelyn Emilia Novak’s first book, “The Magic Ring of Brodgar: Book One: The Inheritance,” she writes a gripping fictional account of a historical fantasy brought to life. Readers will be captivated by the vivid story featuring a young woman named Megan McKenzie as her life is turned upside down when she travels to northern Scotland to claim her inheritance of an ancestral castle.

Throughout the book, readers will follow Megan’s journey of love, an ancient mysticism and unbearable secret that will captivate audiences as the story unfolds. Novak depicts Megan meeting her Scottish family, a powerful clan who introduce her to the history of the mystical traditions and beliefs that make up their land and uncover secrets that have been kept for decades.

“I wrote ‘The Magic Ring of Brodgar’ to present a saga that would entertain readers and leave them wanting more,” Novak said. “As the story progresses, I hope readers will be intrigued by Megan’s journey and the relationships and people she meets along the way.”

This page-turner will entertain readers as they meet Megan’s loyal friends, obnoxious enemies and the true love of her life, a mysterious mountain man named Derek. At the end of the first book, drawn from Novak’s fantasy saga, readers will see Megan grapple with her life path as she must choose between her quiet life in London or a new life filled with magic and uncertainty.

By the end of the book, readers will be hooked and want to continue this adventurous journey that Megan is embarking on. Ultimately, Novak writes a story with plenty of twists and turns that will leave readers excited for the second book.

“The Magic Ring of Brodgar: Volume 1: The Legacy”

By Katelyn Emilia Novak

ISBN: 978-1-6657-1350-4 (softcover); 978-1-6657-1349-8 (linked); 978-1-6657-1351-1 (electronic)

Available at Archway Edition, Amazon and Barnes & Nobles

About the Author

Katelyn Emilia Novak gave those who love romantic and fantasy sagas a new story. True love, thrilling obstacles, an intriguing plot and a beautiful fantasy style will captivate readers and take them on an emotional roller coaster, leaving them wanting more. Readers can read the second book, “The Magic Ring of Brodgar: Book Twit: A Lost Love.” Novak is an experienced screenwriter, as seen in her books. She currently resides in London.

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