The best movies about the royal family, ranked by historical accuracy

There is much to recommend “The Young Victoria”. It’s short, extremely watchable, gorgeous to watch, and it features solid performances from Emily Blunt, Rupert Friend, and Paul Bettany. Plus, if you want to know what the start of Queen Victoria’s reign was really like, this 2009 period drama written by Julian Fellowes of “Downton Abbey” fame is so accurate it’s almost nonfiction.

Teenage Victoria is heir to the British throne and her uncle, King William IV, is near death. Victoria’s mother and her comptroller John Conroy are oppressive guardians who guard her from court in the hopes that they will rule as regents. When Victoria becomes queen, she has to deal with people who want to take advantage of her, including Prime Minister Lord Melbourne, who wants power through her favor, and King Leopold of Belgium, who wants to reconcile her with his nephew, the Prince Albert. .

“The Young Victoria” has an impressive attention to detail. The King said he would live long enough to avoid a period of regency when Victoria was under 18, as he was suspicious of Victoria’s mother and Conroy. His first reign was influenced by Melbourne and marred by the bedroom crisis – her popularity increased only after her marriage to Albert, which was a real love match. Fellowes’ storyline only exaggerates Victoria’s relationship with Melbourne and the assassination attempt: although Victoria survived several threats to her life throughout her reign on the throne, Albert never really took a bullet for his wife.

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