The Bookseller – Rights – Seven Dials features Eccleshare’s beautiful poetry on football commentary anthology

Seven Dials signed The beautiful poetry of football commentary by Athletic football journalist Charlie Eccleshare, “a glorious anthology of iconic lines, presented as poems, celebrating the finest commentators who have ever graced a microphone”.

Editor-in-chief Shyam Kumar acquired global rights directly from Eccleshare, which alongside his coverage of Tottenham Hotspur for the Athletic is also a co-host of ‘The Football Cliches’ podcast, which takes a satirical look at the language of football.

The book, described by Kumar as “the perfect stocking filler for all football fans”, will be published on 1st September 2022.

The publisher’s synopsis reads: “Whether it’s the brevity of Barry Davies, the boundless enthusiasm of Clive Tyldesley, or the sheer eloquence of Peter Drury’s monologues, the commentary canon on football is full of memorable lines that would make some of the great classic speakers nod in appreciation.

“Organized by football journalist Charlie Eccleshare, The beautiful poetry of football commentary is a glorious anthology of iconic lines, presented as poems, celebrating the finest commentators who have ever graced a microphone. Each poem is accompanied by a “scholarly” analysis capturing the enduring power of language over the beautiful game.

Kumar said football and poetry are often seen as being at opposite ends of the cultural spectrum, but for many people, John Motson is more quotable than John Keats.

“This book celebrates, dare I say, an underrated commentator with a scholarly/wry analysis of classic football commentary moments by David Coleman, Martin Tyler, Peter Drury and many more,” he explained. . “Given his pedigree to dismantle the language of football on the hilarious Football Clichés podcast Charlie Eccleshare is the perfect author for this book, and with a winter World Cup on the horizon, it’s the perfect stocking filler for any football fan.

Eccleshare added: “Ever since I became obsessed with football at the age of seven, I’ve been fascinated by the commentary that comes with it. It really amazes me how much my vocabulary as a young child has been shaped. hearing the often quite archaic language they used. But I’m probably not the only one influenced in one way or another by football commentators, who seem to have a disproportionate impact on so many supporters. C t is therefore a tribute to their greatness and an attempt to unpack the genius, often classic way they have of describing the sport’s most dramatic moments.

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