KEARNEY, NE — As Buffalo County approaches its 150th anniversary, residents have the chance to record their family’s role in its history.

The Buffalo County Historical Society is working on a book to celebrate the county’s 150th anniversary next year and includes a section on family histories. Director of Community Engagement Broc Anderson says it’s important to record family history so stories don’t get lost.

“By writing it down and posting it somewhere where it can be saved and enjoyed for the next 150 years, it will help people in the future understand where we came from and where we are today,” Anderson said. .

On Tuesday, Anderson hosted an information session to teach people how to research their family history. He recommends using the Kearney Public Library, Trails and Rails Museum, and free online resources to get started.

“We want to engage the wider Buffalo County community to try to inspire people to remember their roots, to remember how we were founded as a community, but also where they come from as than individuals,” Anderson said.

He says you don’t need generations of local ancestors to participate. All family history submissions are welcome as long as there is a Buffalo County connection. He moved to Kearney a few years ago and explains why his family chose to come to Buffalo County.

“People around 50 to 60 will want to know what made Kearney such a great place to live,” Anderson said. “Why was this the place to be?”

The historical society has already received about 100 submissions. All family histories must be sent before the end of the year.