The Swirling Romance of Julia Fox and Kanye West

Julia Fox and Ye on their date in New York.
Photo-Illustration: TheCut; Photo: Gotham / GC Images

It’s absolutely freezing cold, you and / or everyone you know have probably contracted COVID-19 – maybe for the second or third time – and it generally looks pretty bleak. Everything would be hopeless if it weren’t for Julia Fox and her haunting love life.

During two weeks of vacation overshadowed by Omicron, the No sudden movement and Uncut Gems The actress and downtown sweetheart publicly dragged her child’s dad onto Instagram, becoming something of a hero for single moms online, and then – days later on New Years Eve – began a romance. very public flash with Kanye West in Miami. She ate at Carbone not one but two (In Miami and New York); seen slave game (with Jeremy O. Harris and yes); and found a captive, enthusiastic and grateful audience among those of us stuck inside IG’s surveillance and The Twitter feed of “Page Six”, not to mention her “real Cinderella moment” in Interview Magazine, as if his escapades were a fabulous new series on Bravo.

“I mean, it’s all happening so fast. I go with the universe and the flow and I see where it takes me, ”Fox told me Thursday, speaking quietly on the phone from a fitting. And then, mysteriously, “… where this takes us all.”

And who wouldn’t want the universe to give you a whole new wardrobe, like you did Julia? (Remember, he famous remade her ex Kim’s closet in 2012.) “It was every girl’s dream come true,” Fox wrote in a dispatch of her second date. Online, Rachel Rabbit White gushed, “Julia Fox lives her art… it’s ‘life as a performance’ for girls. genius. “

Lifted on the Upper East Side, the 31-year-old, also an artist and former dominatrix, it should be noted, has long been a tabloid friend – famous niche, especially compared to the world famous Ye. (People had to post a Fox FAQ to catch up with the masses.)

Fox’s really good month began days before the holidays, when she took to Instagram Stories to trash her ex-husband Peter Artemiev, her ex-husband and father of her son, Valentino, by posting a rather unflattering photo of him. with the caption: “HAVE YOU SEEN THIS DEAD BEAT DAD? It is found in most strip clubs, Lucien, Paul’s bbg, Casablanca, the streets etc. The rant of a dozen stories included a video from Artemiev appearing to be yelling at Fox; pretending he doesn’t pay the bills, let alone helping with their baby and the dog; and, finally, a call to arms: “TAKE CARE OF YOUR CHILDREN MEN !!!” AND OTHER MEN, HOLD THE DEAD BEAT DADS RESPONSIBLE! ”

The posts (to her over 500,000 subscribers) were seen as a feminist screed from a woman drawing attention to the man she said had let her down. Like Marie bardi wrote on Twitter: “Julia Fox’s deadbeat baby daddy is Public Enemy # 1 in New York City right now.” Fox went even further: In an article, she claimed that Artemiev had “fucked his aunt”, encouraging online sneers about incest, although sources said he was clearly not sleeping with her. organic aunt. (In response, Artemiev says “Page Six”, “I was saddened to learn of the totally false statements made on social media by Julia Fox, my co-parent, who is clearly in trouble. Out of respect for her privacy and to protect our child, I will not comment further.” )

“This is my son’s life we’re talking about. I don’t care about my ‘acting career’, “Fox replied to fans who thought she was too off balance. But the drama seemed to her to be quite in line with the mark, and was reminiscent of something. thing straight out of the Uncut Gems playbook. Meanwhile, on his podcast, Forbidden fruits, Fox told co-host Niki Takesh, “I have this baby. I have a career. I don’t have time for your shit… You’re not worth it, and I’m fucking old man To borrow some advice she once received, “Better to be alone than in bad company.”

And then came you to keep him company. On January 2, they were seen publicly for the first time, during a candle light dinner in Miami. A source said “Sixth page it was “nothing serious,” and Fox herself replied, “I don’t know,” when the paparazzi asked if they would see each other again. Then, after a day of sunbathing with friends on the beach, Fox was back in New York City appearing with West at slave game, followed by another dinner at Carbone and a West hotel retreat. At that time, “Page Six” was report that the couple had made it “official” and Vogue has been call him a “versatile It girl who looks like Debi Mazar crossed with Jessica Rabbit”.

Yet it is quick love. In December, the West publicly requested his future ex-wife, Kim Kardashian West, to “come back to me” and during the last week of the year he bought a house on the same street as her. Kardashian West, meanwhile, flies to the Bahamas with her own younger lover, SNL star Pete Davidson (May I recommend these pics of Davidson and Fox posing together in Paper like Barbie and Ken in 2019?) On her podcast, Fox, in a year-end recap episode, can be heard recalling the end of keeping up with the Kardashians (she’s been watching since the premiere in 2007), encouraging Khloé Kardashian to forget about her own little daddy (the girl hasn’t had a break) and asking her co-host, “Wait, can we talk about Kim and Kanye getting divorced?” ? Wait can we talk about Kim and Pete Davidson?

Drama aside, Fox made it a fitting fashion moment now, it seems, under West. That works. GQby Rachel Tashjian obsessed over her Miami Beach fit, a Balenciaga one-piece that said “MIAMI” worn under leather pants, which Tashjian called “the coolest thing someone’s done in a long time.” After his New York release with West, Vogue drooled on her “two looks that turn heads in one night”: a Sies Marjan coat and even more Balenciaga (a Kim K. designer choice), with, later that evening for dinner, an exposed thong hugging her hips. (“Expect – because the thong pants trend is back”, declared the Daily mail in response.) Fox, the master of his own tabloid game, jumped into the action, posting a photo of daddy from the beach that would look more at home in the pages of Illustrated sports, subtitle, “Thanks for the picture! @Pagesix.”

By intervening in public with Kanye West, Fox stages the ultimate revenge fantasy of all the women stuck at home with their babies screaming while the men do whatever they want – which isn’t to say that she has no regrets. “I really want to purify the air. Because I obviously didn’t expect all the publicity to come after I came for my son’s dad online, ”she told me. “My son’s dad and I had our problems and I wanted to scare him into being a better dad, but I did it wrong. My son’s father loves his son more than anything. He just has a few issues that I shouldn’t have made public.

When asked to respond to Fox’s busy week, Cat Marnell, who has been friends with the Fox actress since she was a teenager, texted me: “Julia Fox is dope than Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West reunited. She is a legitimate witch. She’s the Michael Jordan of the foxes… She’s devastating, like a hurricane. And then she continued. “If she were to become a legitimate household name for the ‘majority of minivans’ like she is right now… it will be the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. I love this dirty bitch. Julia Fox is Camille Paglia’s wet dream. Fox herself texted me, “The overall message is if you’re in a toxic relationship get out of it because you never know or what might wait on the other side.

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