Tiger King Joe Exotic Compares Romance With New Fiancé He Met In Prison To Twilight Movie

Tiger King star Joe Exotic has found a new love interest in prison and compared their romance to the iconic teen vampire film Twilight, according to reports.

The media personality, who shot to fame on the hit Netflix series Tiger King, is currently serving 22 years in prison in North Carolina for animal abuse and attempted murder for hire after he plotted to kill rival Carole Baskin.

But Joe’s incarceration hasn’t stopped him from finding love and even popping the question to a fellow inmate, with TMZ reporting that he’s now engaged to a new man, John Graham.

It is claimed that Joe, 59, discussed his new love in a letter sent to his lawyer, where he explained that he had met his new fiancé, who he describes as “extremely romantic and caring”, after they were both housed in the same prison. unity.

Exotic writes that the couple send each other letters daily and speak on the phone three times a day, adding that they want to marry John “right away” after their divorce is finalized.

The Netflix star describes John very differently from her ex-husband, Dillon Passage, 25, who he reportedly filed for divorce from last month and accuses of being “selfish, younger, all about a party and want to be famous”.

Joe also compared his romance with John to the 2008 fantasy film Twilight, which tells the story of Bella (Kristen Stewart) falling in love with vampire Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), Daily Star reports .

“It’s that close,” writes Exotic. “His touch, his way of speaking, his voice. I still have a shirt so I can feel it. But he is so amazing.

“He says to this day that I am his missing piece,” he adds.

Dillion’s lawyers have previously said he would agree to finalize his divorce from Joe if he could obtain a permanent injunction restraining her ex-husband from contacting him.

He also wants the injunction to stop Exotic from “stalking or harassing him,” and for both men to keep the assets they owned at the start of the marriage.

His lawyers claimed that when Exotic was presented with the terms of the divorce in September last year, he responded by saying: ‘It’s going to be a cold day in hell before I sign these papers… You’re out of it. your f***ing mind.”

However, it is claimed that the Tiger King star changed her mind after falling head over heels in love with her new fiancé.

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