TV tonight: Can strangers acting out sex scenes in movies lead to romance? | Television

Let’s make a love scene

10 p.m., Channel 4

Can you find love replicating TV and movie sex scenes with single strangers? Yes, it really is the concept of a new dating show (and, worryingly, it’s not even the weirdest one out there). Ellie Taylor is joined by Intimacy Coordinator Rufai “Roo” Ajala and Acting Coach Emma Crompton to help everyone get into character. In the first of two parts, therapist Starr takes on Fifty Shades of Grey, Ghost, and The Notebook with three potential matches. Hollie Richardson

Guy Garvey: from the vaults

8 p.m., Sky Arts

The Elbow frontman returns to dig through the ITV archives for offbeat musical performances and choice interview clips. The first is 1989, which means Melvyn Bragg gets lyrical about Sonic Youth, Grace Jones charms Dame Edna as Tony Curtis looks on, as well as the TV debut of the Stone Roses. Graeme Virtue

Meet the Khans: Big in Bolton

8:30 p.m., BBC 3

Amir and Faryal Khan seem like perfectly pleasant people, which makes this reality show offering a glimpse into their lives initially engaging but, ultimately, slightly bland. Few Kardashian-style family dramas here — instead, Amir travels to Nebraska to prepare for a fight and Faryal arranges a family send-off. It’s cute but prosaic. Phil Harrison

The Terror: Infamy

9 p.m., BBC 2

The horror anthology’s second series is atmospheric and thought-provoking, with its Japanese-American characters now in a California internment camp during World War II. As talk of the mythical bakemono escalates, some locals start behaving in very strange ways. Jack Seale

Effervescent… The Other One is a sitcom about a family discovering new members. Photography: Joseph Scanlon/BBC/Tiger Aspect Productions

The other

9:30 p.m., BBC One

More from this effervescent sitcom about a family discovering endless new members. Mismatched sisters Cathy (Ellie White) and Cat (Lauren Socha) have just hit it off. So why not introduce a long-lost brother (Callum by Christopher Jeffers)? Better yet, Callum and Cathy have a forbidden attraction. pH

Love life

10:40 p.m., BBC One

The brilliant second season continues with a double poster. Marcus dreads a visit to his parents’ house where he’ll have to deal with their “I told you so” comments about his divorce, so he hooks up with an old flame to take his mind off things – but his mom quickly interferes. HOUR

Choice of movies

Ghostbusters: Afterlife
An engaging and respectful sequel… Ghostbusters: Afterlife. Photograph: Kimberley French/AP

Ghostbusters: Afterlife (Jason Reitman, 2021) 9:50 a.m., 8 p.m., Sky Cinema premiere

Jason Reitman’s engaging fantasy-comedy is a respectful sequel to his father Ivan’s 1980s films (2016’s all-female take skipped), but with additional stylistic nods to Stranger Things and Close Encounters’ Spielberg and AND. Here, the ghoul hunters are children: brothers Trevor (Finn Wolfhard of ST) and Phoebe (Mckenna Grace). Stuck in a dusty rural backwater with their single mother Callie (Carrie Coon), they discover a connection to the Ghostbusters of old when earthquakes portend an apocalyptic hubbub. Simon Wardel

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