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Facts and fantasies come to life

Vernon author Alessandra Woodward drew on facts and fantasy for her first book.

Set at the end of the Bronze Age, The Defender’s Throne follows the story of Cyra, the ha-mazaan (Amazon) warrior, niece of the sister-queens of Themiscyra. When Cyra and a small group of ha-mazaans are taken prisoners of war, only to be shipwrecked in a hostile land far from home, Cyra finds herself directly on track to fulfill the prophecy given on her first moonblood – a prophecy. who predicted how she would betray the sacred ways of her brotherhood.

The Defender’s Throne is based on events recorded by historian Herodotus regarding the origin of the egalitarian Scythian / Sarmatian culture of the late Bronze Age.

He re-imagines what historical documents might have looked like if they were seen through the eyes of the other half who created them – women.

“This is my first published novel,” said Woodward, who is also an “intuitive trainer and creator”.

Woodward has lived in the North Okanagan for over 23 years “with a rescue horse named Piglet, a fierce chihuahua named Zoe, a” shield beast “from the Maremma named Stormcloud and various other beloved rescue creatures” .

Woodward began writing his novel during the COVID lockdown in 2020. It took a year to complete and publish the novel.

“I’m now good at books two and three,” she said.

The Defender’s Throne is currently for sale online at Coles and Expressions of Time bookstores in downtown Vernon.

For more information on Woodward and to purchase a copy, click here.

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