Weeks After Divorce Filing, Joe Exotic Says Romance With New Fiancee Is Like ‘Twilight’

“Tiger King” star Joe Exoticalso known as Joseph Maldonado-Passage, recently shared details of how he found love behind bars shortly after his petition for divorce of her ex-husband Dillon Passage.

Exotic, who rose to fame with the release of Netflix’s hit series centered on the bizarre underworld of big cat breeding, compared his new relationship to the iconic vampire-themed romantic fantasy film ‘Twilight’. , according to TMZ.

exotic was sentenced to 21 years in prison accused of animal abuse and attempted murder for hire after allegedly conspiring to kill his competitor, Carol Baskin.

Joseph Maldonado-Passage, also known as Joe Exotic, is seen at the zoo he ran in Wynnewood, Oklahoma August 28, 2013.

Despite being locked up, Exotic, 59, said he found love and even proposed to fellow inmate John Graham. They are now engaged, TMZ reported.

In a letter to attorney Autumn Beck Blackledge obtained by TMZ, Exotic shed some light on his new courtship, recounting how he met his “extremely romantic and caring” partner after they were both housed in the same unit. prison.

According to the letter, Exotic said he got engaged to Graham last August after being involved with him for more than a year.

“If you’ve ever watched ‘Twilight,’ it’s that close,” Exotic wrote in the letter describing their relationship, which he calls a “quick attraction.”

Graham has reportedly since left prison, but the soon-to-be married couple continue to write to each other several times a week and “talk on the phone 3 times a day,” according to the TV personality.

“John speaks as if he were 400 years ago,” Exotic wrote. “He’s a practicing wizard and he’s extremely romantic and caring. The love we share is unlike any I’ve ever known.

Exotic filed for divorce from Passage last month in Santa Rosa County, Florida, just a year after Passage shared their separation after four years of marriage.

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