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1883 turns the clocks back to the 19th century, when James (played by Tim McGraw) and Margaret (Faith Hill) became the first Duttons to set foot on the Yellowstone reservation. Unfortunately, a number of people who tuned in to last Sunday’s edition of the Paramount Network drama weren’t impressed by a strange historical inaccuracy.

Fans have flocked to Twitter to report a huge anachronism involving the Duttons’ 17-year-old daughter, Elsa (Isabel May).

As the series’ narrator, Elsa joins her parents and brother John (Audie Rick), as they travel from Texas to Montana with aging cowboy Shea Brenna (Sam Elliott).

So far, the prequel has proven to be both a revealing look at the birth of the mighty Dutton family, as well as an awe-inspiring tale of the American West.

While the show’s period costumes, locations, and dialogue have won fans over so far, some seams have started to show in episode seven, Lightning Yellow Hair.

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Several viewers took to social media when they realized Isabel’s hair extensions were clearly visible during a pivotal scene.

User @Calypsocooki joked, “How are you going to have an episode titled specifically about hair and showing leads? I’m dying.”

Although the episode references Elsa’s striking blonde hair, the costume department apparently didn’t pay enough attention when concealing Isabel’s modern extensions.

Other fans noticed the error and accused the series of not staying true to the show’s 1883 setting.

Additionally, the clip of one of her hair extensions exposed for all to see during a close-up clearly broke the illusion for a significant portion of the show’s audience.

Prime viewer Ed Leigh claimed that Elsa’s character was inaccurate throughout the first season.

They explained, “I’ve said all along that for a show that claims to be authentic, Elsa looks like she’s been teleported from 1960s Santa Monica to the 1880s prairies.

“Women didn’t wear their hair OR their blouses like she does. I know she’s a free spirit, but that’s very unrealistic.

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