Young Men in Love: A Queer Romance Anthology for Falling in Love

Artists): Jacoby Salcedo, Daryl Toh, Bradley Clayton, Josh Cornillon, Robert Ryan, Ian Brisbal, Jude Vigants, Vic Regis, Nick Robles, Ian McGinty, DJ Kirkland, Lane Lloyd, Sina Grace, Auguste Kinakis, Hamish Steele, Chris Shehan, David Brame , Dennis Yatras, Little Corvus

Colourist(s): Jacoby Salcedo, Daryl Toh, Bradley Clayton, Josh Cornillon, Vincent Batignole, Ian Brisbal, Jude Vigants, Vic Regis, Nick Robles, Ian McGinty, DJ Kirkland, Lane Lloyd, Sina Grace, Auguste Kinakis, Hamish Steele, Chris Shehan, Vincent Batignole

Letterer: Lucas Gattoni

Editor: A vague blue world

Gender: Action, Adaptation, Autobiography, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, LGBTQ, Music, Romance, Sci-Fi, Slice of Life, Space, Supernatural, Sword & Sorcery

Publication date: 06/07/2022

to sum up

Random pirates, wayward ghosts, dashing knights, rampaging kaiju (and down-to-earth ordinary joes!) all come together here to amaze and delight you in a wildly unique anthology celebrating the love between men. , from an amazing array of comic book creators who know exactly how it feels.


Pride month is behind us, but the new anthology of A Wave Blue World Young men in love reminds us that queer love deserves to be seen and celebrated all year round. Bringing together a host of industry talent (including Kevin Wada, Sina Grace, Hamish Steele, Anthony Oliveira, Chris Shehan, Nick Robles, Chris Sebela and Joe Glass – among many others), Young men in love brings together twenty high-profile love stories about men who love men.

from “Second Star to the Right”

The pessimists among you may be thinking “Oh, great! Twenty white twink stories and a few bears if we’re lucky”, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The characters in Young men in love love interests include black men, brown men, fat men, and trans men. Truth be told, the one place this anthology lacks in its portrayal is its lack of gay men with disabilities. In twenty stories – that is, forty main characters – at least one would have been nice to see.

to live”

As for his stories, Young men in love is refreshing and varied in tone and genre. For readers looking for a respite from reality, there are plenty of fantastical stories to discover, including a bittersweet adaptation of Peter Pan (“Second Star to the Right”), a seductive ghost romance ( “Living”) and a comedy about pirate lovers (“The treasure map of my heart”). Even restricted to the banal, Young men in love continues to make queer love feel boundless in its multitude of people and circumstances. Some of these stories are thematically heavy but vital, focusing on topics like a boy’s internalized homophobia in Catholic school (“Act of Grace”) and a fat comic geek’s struggles with fetishism (” Love Yourself”). Nevertheless, although Young men in love never attempts to erase queer pain and suffering, it prioritizes queer love, joy and hope. Nowhere is this clearer than ‘Another Name’, a beautiful but heartbreaking autobiographical comic by Ned Barnett (drawn by Ian Bisbal) about coming out as a trans man: while history can confront the the writer’s struggles to learn to accept herself and to be afraid of being rejected by her husband, her conclusion is one of hope and affirmation. Of course, not all “down to earth” comics are heavy. Some leave you with a warm, fuzzy feeling, the heartwarming romance of the “Big Man” chip shop being just one example.

from “Another Name”

Artistically speaking, the pages of Young men in love feel vibrant and alive from the first page to the last. Art styles range from semi-realistic comic to expressive comic and everything in between. Although most artists work with traditional layouts, some (like Jacob Salcedo in “Second Star to the Right” and Ian Brisbal in “Another Name”) defy normative boundaries just as the protagonists of their stories do.

Although it only takes a few hours to read, each short story is something to cherish and savor. And while not every story is your cup of tea, something almost surely will be, so I urge you to donate Young men in love a chance.

from “The Treasure Map of My Heart”

Final Thoughts

Young men in love is just as beautiful as it is essential. It reminds queer readers that they – across all times, places and genres – are worthy of love and celebration.

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