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Romance is an incredibly popular genre not only in manga and manhwa (which are Korean comics similar to Japanese manga), but also in mainstream novels, TV shows, and movies. This genre is popular for many reasons such as the guarantee of a happy ending, the development of the characters and their love, and the gripping storylines. What is interesting is the rise in popularity of the historical setting in the novel genre.

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Historical love stories show a time when the nobility was predominant and people’s lives were very different from modern society. The romantic aspects of these stories are often comical, sweet or spicy, and fun to read. As your throne, there are many historical romantic manhwa that are a must read for fans of this genre.

ten Medea Solon changes bodies with the prince’s fiancé, but it’s not at all what she expected (your throne)

Yesour Throne, author and artist, Sam, is a psychological horror and romance manhwa with fantastic elements. In this manhwa, Lady Medea Solon wants nothing more than to be with the Crown Prince. Just when she thinks she can be with him, he becomes engaged to someone else.

Luckily for Lady Medea, she falls into a body of deep water where she somehow manages to swap bodies with the crown prince’s fiancé. Even if she gets what she wants, she quickly realizes that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

9 Edna is a maid sent to marry a duke instead of the noble girl he wanted (Light and Shadow)

Light and shadow is a mature romantic drama from the creators, Ryu Hyang and Hee Won, and it contains mature themes that may be triggers for some. This manhwa follows the story of Edna, a stubborn maid sent to marry Duke Eli. However, she is not the noble girl he expected or wanted.

Edna, however, has a deep secret that could change the course of Kingdom history. The two have to find a way to work together and potentially find love without killing each other.

8 Leah Hildebrandt arranges her political wedding to save her family but doesn’t expect to fall in love with the man she chose (Bring The Love)

Bring Manhwa Love

Bring love is a romantic comedy and manhwa drama by author and artist Zestkyo. Leah Hildebrandt is the eldest daughter of the Hildebrandt family and is well known in society for her beauty and impeccable manners.

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Unfortunately for Leah, her brother Rihit leaves a letter stating he’s gone to become a better man, and no one knows if he’s alive. On top of that, her father passes away, which means her family is in deep trouble. To save her family, she arranges a political wedding for herself, but what she doesn’t expect are the sparks of romance igniting between them.

7 Charlize Ronan seeks revenge by turning a prince into a tyrant (Taming of the Tyrant)

The taming of the tyrant manhwa

Taming the tyrant is a fantastic and dramatic manhwa from creators Ji-hyun, Daon Studio, Melting and Yusoy. Charlize Ronan is a noble woman who had only one goal: to honor her family by being a knight. However, she was cursed, tortured, and turned into a living sword only to be used as a tool.

When she prays for revenge, she wakes up in her old body. Now his goal is to seek justice for what happened to him. In revenge, she finds Dylan Blade, the young prince, and plans to put him on the throne as a tyrant instead of a noble ruler.

6 Yuri is transported to a new world where she becomes the creator of an Empress (Empress Cesia wears panties)

Empress Cesia wears manhwa panties

Empress Cesia wears panties, from creators Jeogyeom and Saedeul, is a fantastic and comedic manhwa that follows Yuri’s story. Yuri was once a model maker in today’s Korea who was transported to Valencia.

After struggling to find her place and make sense of what happened to her, which is common to many protagonists of isekai, she changes her appearance and joins the guild of fashion designers. She is then hired by the queen, Cesia, to make her the best and most comfortable clothes possible. Yuri accepts the challenge and ventures down the path that will change the history of Valencia.

5 Hwayoung becomes a villain and must survive in the palace to become the next Empress (what it takes to be a villain)

What it takes to be a villain

What it takes to be a villain is a fantastic and dramatic manhwa from the creators, Haeon Ju and Min. Hwayoung has suffered incredible grief, and her situation only gets worse when she falls into a river and wakes up as the villainous, Satiana Altisee Kaylon. It’s a unique and interesting way for a character to be sent to another world compared to the normal scenario of a traffic accident.

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After coming to terms with what happened to her, she is selected as one of the candidates to become the next Empress. Now in the palace, she must become a villain to survive the traitors, schemers, and candidates who want her dead.

4 Avery is a footman for an earl by day and a woman who wants to break free from his lies at night (My Fair Footman)

my handsome valet manhwa

My beautiful footman is a manhwa romantic comedy from creators Isia and Tails. Avery is the Earl of Baenbowie’s footman. By day, he races for the count while teasing him endlessly. At night, Avery sheds her footman outfit and dreams of the day when she can stop pretending to be a boy.

But as the days go by, his feelings for the count grow stronger, as do the Crown Prince’s suspicions of him. What she doesn’t know is that the Earl has known her secret and has been protecting her since their childhood.

3 Priscilla travels to the past to reclaim her rightful seat at the head of the house (Priscilla’s marriage proposal)

Priscilla manhwa's marriage proposal

Priscilla’s marriage proposal, from creators Melona and Seo-rim Lim, is a fantastic and dramatic manhwa about Priscilla Mortia. Priscilla is a mercenary who has a plan to reclaim the last fifteen years of her life with a device called Dragon Heart. Using this, she travels back in time to when her family ruled the land.

She plans to awaken her abilities using the Dragon Heart while avoiding the dark plots against her from her stepmother and elderly fiancé. To secure her rightful seat as head of the family, she enlists the help of Kian Lustin, a swordsman she once loved.

2 Evony is released from prison to become a pawn for the Duke (Lady Evony)

Lady Evony Manhwa

Lady Evony is a manhwa romantic drama from creators Jaya and Neida. Evony has been charged with the murder of her father and her fiancé, which has caused waves across the world as she is just a woman. After years of abuse in prison, she is released into the custody of the Duke, Schneider.

Evony receives care and affection for the first time from the Duke’s staff and thrives under his tutelage. She becomes stronger and becomes a pawn for the Duke who plans to change the future of the Empire.

1 Leticia is sent to marry a monster whose lord is anything but a monster (my secretly hot husband)

My Secretly Hot Husband Manhwa

My secretly hot husband, from the creators, Gabi Nam, Harara and Jeongyeon is a romantic and fantasy manhwa about a young girl named Letitia. After her parents died, she went to live with her uncle and her family. But unfortunately for her, her uncle sends her to the Monster Lord instead of one of his own daughters to fulfill a pledge he made.

After surviving an imp attack, meeting three older women she called the Three Witches, and meeting a creepy masked man who turns out to be her husband, she’s not sure what to expect. What she doesn’t expect, however, is that her husband will be kind, caring, and cursed with good looks, or be left alone to protect his castle from demons.

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